December 31, 2007

Plants & Animals, Grad Club, Kingston, 12 October 2007

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photo by Fireflyvt, at Divan Orange, Montreal, 17 Nov. 2007

There seemed to be quite a few bands that seemed to come out of nowhere to take the world by storm this year. Typical of this is Montreal’s Plants & Animals. Sure, they have a previous recording, but nothing to prepare me for what they unleashed in 2007 – the amazing “With/Avec EP”. They will release their full length album entitled “Parc Avenue” on March 25th – could Secret City snag the Polaris two years in a row? It is quite possible. Plants & Animals deliver sprawling, folk-tinged psychedelic rock. Each of the 4 songs on their EP are mini-epics, containing multiple twists and turns. Throughout the record genres and moods shift, as sounds hastily merge only to break apart. This is a foot stomping, stargazing, hands in the air rocker of an EP and they shined live onstage. They were energetic, jammy-but not too jammy, and pretty much all business as they tore through their set. They undoubtedly made fans of everyone in attendance.

I hope everyone has a Happy New Year’s. See you in 2008.

Plants & Animals, Grad Club, Kingston, 12 October 2007

1. Mercy
2. lots of vocals (talk)
3. Faerie Dance
4. beer? (talk)
5. Feedback In The Field
6. almost screwed up again (talk)
7. Bye Bye Bye
8. develop something on the drums (talk)
9. Guru/Sinnerman
10. New Kind of Love

Buy the stunning ‘With/Avec EP” through Secret City.

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