December 18, 2007

Rich Aucoin vs. the Grinch and Buck 65 Contest Winner

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photo taken at Baba’s in Charlottetown, August 11, 2007.

While this is not “news” by any means – others have beaten me to this by months – it is both timely and interesting.

Rich Aucoin had an inspired idea. Take a Christmas classic, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and alter it. He did not redraw or reedit, but rather created a new soundtrack, changing the meaning of the images; infusing the beloved film with new life.This took time, patience, creativity, ingenuity, but I think you will agree that it was worth the effort as his album “Personal Publication” becomes intertwined with the hallucinogenic world of the Grinch. His lush orchestrations, featuring upwards of 25 instruments all played by Aucoin, pour over you relentlessly as the images are made strange(r).

Rich Aucoin had another inspired idea. Take a a bicycle and tour coast-to-coast raising money for a children’s cancer charity all the while. This took time, persistence, strength, courage, and a touch of audacity. Not many bands make true cost-to-coast tours in Canada: the distance is too daunting. I imagine no one else has attempted to do it on a bicycle. You can read about his tour, in Aucoin’s own words.

Here are some things for you to do:

Visit YouTube to watch the synch of Personal Publication/How The Grinch Stole Christmas (sorry I can’t seem to embed the youtube video in my post).

Donate to The Childhood Cancer Foundation Candlelighters Canada.

Listen to a couple of songs:

* At War With the Cynics (An Opening)

* Behold the Lamb! (Muffled by the Noisy City) (An Offering)

Listen to a couple more on his myspace – especially the xmassy “Oh My God, My Love” which you can download for your very own xmas mixtape.

Buy the album for yourself.


Congratulations to Ammie who is the winner of the Buck65 contest. My thanks to all who entered.

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