December 1, 2007

The Hidden Cameras, KEXP/The Triple Door, Seattle, 2 December 2006

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photo by Optimuscrime from the Hidden Cameras performance at the Grad Club, 27 October 2005.

The Hidden Cameras offer you pure, glorious pop . Their music is at times anthemic and at others graceful and it is never hampered with cynicism or sarcasm. In slower moments you will find vulnerability and lush orchestration. In the up-tempo moments you will be treated to rollicking, rock’n’roll stompers that will make you shimmy and clap and bounce and smile. Behind it all is Joel Gibb’s strong voice and personality.

Onstage the songs really come alive. Performances in the past featured male go-go dancers and the band performing in blindfolds, or so I understand, but even without tricks and tropes they are amazing to watch. In the show where the above photo was taken they crammed seven people on the stage plus had a cellist and a viola player sitting off to the side. There was banjo, there was xylophone, there was coordinated dancing. The Hidden Cameras put on one of the most engaging shows out there.

And you can witness the spectacle and majesty for yourself tonight (sorry for the late notice) at the Grad Club. I understand that they will be previewing a bunch of new songs so get out there and see what the band has been working on. Here are the remaining dates of their East Coast tour:

1 Dec      Kingston, ON      Queen’s University Grad Club
2 Dec     Montreal, PQ     La Sala Rosa
4 Dec     Sackville, NB     George’s
5 Dec     Halifax, NS     The Attic
7 Dec     Cornerbrook, NF Club Vertigo
8 Dec     St. John’s, NF     The Rock Club

To get you in the mood here is a conference recording from the finest people in Seattle, KEXP.
The Hidden Cameras, KEXP/The Triple Door, Seattle, 2 December 2006

1. intro (talk)
2. Builds the Bone
3. Follow These Eyes
4. Boys of Melody
5. Awoo
6. She’s Gone
7. Hump from Bending
8. Music is My Boyfriend
9. Lollipop
10. only for the radio (talk)
11. The Waning Moon
12. what’s it called? (talk)
13. Death of a Tune

Buy ‘Awoo’ from Arts&Crafts and you can get their sampler. Also be sure to get the Live at KEXP vol. 3. These would make great gifts for your nearest and dearest.


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  2. LD said,

    Gorgeous – thanks for posting & sharing this.

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