November 16, 2007

Sandro Perri & Andre Ethier, Fuse, CBC Radio, broadcast 21 July 2007

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photo of taken at (and courtesy of) The Artel, Kingston, December 1, 2006

In Sando Perri’s work, odd discordant elements jostle with gentle folk melodies. They offset the singer-songwriter stylings: just as you as soothed by Perri’s dulcet voice and guitar-picking, a wonky horn or electronic blip shakes you, demanding your attention. These songs could have been given to us unadorned and we would have been grateful, but Perri is not content to sit still (just look at the list of monikers and projects he works under, with, and through). He playfully arranges textures, harmonies, and lyrics, presenting little puzzles under the guise of simple songs. Elements of jazz and electronica and things with no names hide among the folksongs, ready to burst out and startle, shock, and amaze.

Perri will be playing in Toronto tomorrow, and with Eric Chenaux in Ottawa and Kingston (at The Artel) next week. Dates? Ok:

Nov 17 Toronto, ON Tranzac w/ Ivy Pallas, Valery Gore
Nov 22 Kingston, ON The Artel w/ Eric Chenaux
Nov 23 Ottawa, ON Avant Garde Bar w/ Eric Chenaux
Dec 13 Toronto, ON Tranzac w/ Friendly Rich
Dec 31 Toronto, ON Tranzac GLISSANDRO 70 DJ Set

I expect those who attend will be treated to nothing less than a stunning evening of music. You should go. I should go. We should go together.

Sandro Perri has collaborated widely. In addition to playing on his friends albums and having friends like Eric Chenaux play on his, he joined with Andre Ethier on the CBC’s raddest show, Fuse. This pairing was not as jarring as some occurring in past shows, but the results are nevertheless still quite wonderful. I have for you a few songs from that show that Perri took the lead on, including the Ethier song “The Best You’ve Ever Had”.

Sandro Perri & Andre Ethier, Fuse, CBC Radio, broadcast 21 July 2007

* Everybody’s Talking (Fred Neil cover)

* City of Museums

* Circles

* The Best You’ve Ever Had

Get the new “Tiny Mirrors” and other albums by Sandro Perri (in all his incarnations – physical and digital) and Andre Ethier (digital). They will bring you joy.


  1. shane said,

    fantastic! i saw sandro play berlin early in the year, and it was an amazing gig. I would really really love to have a recording of a show like that, but I’ve never seen one.

    thanks for this 🙂

  2. shane said,

    oh, i just noticed that you mentioned this is a selection from the show. do you have more from it?

  3. rgsc said,

    Hi Shane,
    Thanks for the comment and the links. I was at the show last night (’twas amazing) so expect to see a recording here of it sometime in the future.

    Yes, there were three other songs played (and interviews) on which Ethier took the lead. I may post the other songs here in the future (keep an eye on your inbox as you might find something special will be delivered)


  4. evan said,

    looking forward to the new years show


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