November 6, 2007

Jenn Grant, The Artel, Kingston, 13 September 2007

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photo by The Artel.

I hope you’ve got your ticket for the Weakerthans tonight because it is sold out. Well, sorta – they will have some tickets at the door so be sure to get there early. Even if you have your tickets you will want to be sure to get there in time to catch Jenn Grant, who will be opening the show.

Grant has an absolutely mesmerizing voice. Rich, warm, and with just a hint of warble, to state that Grant’s vocals are beautiful does not do her justice. She whispers and coos, as the words become abstract, and then she builds, her vocals bursting out powerfully. Grant has a great range and is equally comfortable in a variety of styles, adopting a country twang or sultry jazz tones as needed. On her album “Orchestra for the Moon,” she fills the songs with a wide array of instruments and guest vocals which accentuate her voice and lyrics. On stage, Grant is confident and charming and her songs come across more urgently as they are stripped down to their essentials: guitar, percussion to give them structure, and her powerful voice. To give you just a little taste, here are a few tracks from her performance at The Artel from September. Enjoy.

Jenn Grant, The Artel, Kingston, 13 September 2007

* Dancin’ in the Wind
* Fireflies (new song)
* Dreamer
* In A Brown House

Go out and pick up the gorgeous Orchestra for the Moon.


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