October 31, 2007

The Weakerthans, The Current, MPR, 25 September 2007

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You and I both have been waiting for what seems like ever and ever for the fourth Weakerthans album. I would be lying to you if I told you I wasn’t left a shade underwhelmed at first listen. Given that they took four years to complete the album I was expecting to be knocked on my ass with awesomeness. As it stands I think it is a good record (and a good record by the Weakerthans is better than 98% of what is out there), but wished they rocked out a little more often. I hope that with a bit more time Reunion Tour attains the classic status in my mind along side with its predecessors.

What is undeniable after spending a bit of time with Reunion Tour, however, is that John K Samson is one of the most talented songwriters around. He continued his streak of crafting intimate tales centred exclusively around domestic life in a Canada, where people really do get that excited about curling and it is colder than all get out for a good portion of the year. Despite the site-specificity of much of his output, Samson manages to nevertheless ensure that there is a universal quality to his lyrics, resulting that listeners can identify with his narrators, even if they couldn’t point out Winnipeg on a map if their lives depended on it. The musicianship behind Samson is impeccably solid, as one would expect, and Ian Blurton has managed a fine balance of complexity and depth while managing to keep all the individual elements distinct.

The band is on tour and will be hitting all kinds of places near you, as long as you live in Ontario. Check it out:

Nov. 1 – Boston
Nov. 2 – Montreal
Nov. 3 – Quebec City
Nov. 4 – Ottawa,
Nov. 6 – Kingston, ON – at the Elixir – tickets are well on their way to being sold out so get yours now here or at the usual places.
Nov. 7&8 – Toronto (with Christine Fellows who will be releasing her fantastic new album the day before)
Nov. 9 – London, ON

On Nov. 22 through Dec. 12. they will be touring the UK and Europe. Check out the Weakerthans site for full details.

Now onto some live goodies courtesy (again) of the amazing folks over at MPR who have come through for you and I with an acoustic set with Winnipeg’s cherished chroniclers. Enjoy. I’ll try to check in before the 6th with a few live tracks from Jenn Grant, who will be opening for the Weakerthans during their November dates.

If you want to win a copy of Reunion Tour head on over to I{Heart}Music for a review of the record and a contest.

The Weakerthans, The Current, MPR, 25 September 2007

1. intro
2. Night Windows
3. mostly lies (talk)
4. Civil Twilight
5. March is a deceiving month (talk)
6. Psalm For The Elks Lodge Last Call

Support MPR by buying all the Weakerthans records using their link here.


  1. […] me an invite for this service. We trade links back and forth quite regularly (James, here’s some live Weakerthans). We used to use Ma.gnolia to do this, but have since recognized that that’s just an extra […]

  2. matt said,

    greetings. i just ‘borrowed’ the holy fuck set from your site. thanks a million. i saw these guys when they were in town (san diego) and they absolutely blew us away. fantastic group to watch and listen to. if you could, shoot me an email when the site is live again i’d love to checkout more of the sets you have. 🙂

  3. Craig Moynes said,

    Awesome, thanks for the Weakerthans recording.

  4. Definitely keep listening. Reunion tour is amazing. It’s become classic for me already, though I’ll agree it wasn’t AS instant as the others. But even the songs that didn’t instantly hook me have MORE than won me over. I saw them Oct 2nd in L.A. Amazing, first time I’ve seen them in 3 years. Anyway, thanks for sharing.

  5. Craig said,

    I was a bit underwhelmed by Reunion Tour at first, too. Not that it’s bad or anything, but it just didn’t seem to quite live up to Left and Leaving or Reconstruction Site.

    But I realized that part of my problem was that it didn’t quite have that aura of newness to it; because they’re one of those bands that I make a point of hunting down every live bootleg set I can get my hands on, I already knew most of the songs and the only surprise to be had was in how they chose to mix the studio versions.

    And it grows on you, too. It really does.

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