October 10, 2007

Patrick Watson and Torngat, Fuse, CBC Radio, 1 July 2007 broadcast

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I know, I know, I’m even later this week posting than I was last week. What can I say, I’m a bad blogger. And since I don’t have much more time now than I did on the weekend to post I thought I would give you this one song which is (sorta) topical for the following two reasons:

1. Much to my surprise Patrick Watson was recently announced as the winner of the 2007 Polaris Prize. Who saw that coming? Not I. I think I will do a full write-up on Watson for my next post so I won’t go into too much detail here except to say that I really enjoyed the live show but didn’t feel the record was the best of the bunch. Just my 2 cents…which is worth just about that much. The Polaris jury’s opinion is worth $20k so I’m sure what they think is of more importance to Watson than my ramblings. Anyway, congrats to Watson & co. and I will talk more about them later. Watson is on tour in Quebec at the moment and will be heading to the UK & Europe at the end of the month with Cold War Kids. Dates here – note that there have been some cancellations in Quebec. (buy the Polaris Prize winning album Close to Paradise here).

2. The absolutely amazing Torngat have just released a fantastic new record called You Could Be and they are coming to the Grad Club in Kingston on October 20th. I saw them last year and this three piece blew me away. They produce stunning postrock/improve jazz featuring french horn, keyboards and drums. I can’t recommend this band highly enough. Go see them live – they are playing in Ottawa, Guelph, Kingston, and NYC in the near future (more details here) and be sure to pick up their all their records – each of which has the “b(oot)log seal of approval” (again, for what its worth). (buy You Could Be).

CBC’s Fuse, which as you all know is probably the best show on the radio anywhere, brought together Watson and Torngat earlier in the year. I’ve missed hearing the show when it was broadcast, much to my dismay, but I did catch their Canada Day show where they played outtakes/songs that didn’t make the original hour-long broadcasts from various shows over the previous season. They included this new song from Patrick Watson, penned, I assume, by bassist Mishka Stein. Torngat’s swirling atmospherics blend beautifully with Watson’s soaring, echoing vocals. Unfortunately there’s a bit of static (or something) in my recording but it is a pretty great song and I hope you enjoy it.

Patrick Watson and Torngat – Mishka’s Song

That’s it for now. Have a great week. Since I most certainly won’t be writing before be sure to check out the Exclaim tour featuring Plants & Animals, The Acorn & Elliot Brood at the Grad Club on Friday which is going to be rad (and check the above link for dates in other cities across the country).

And if you happen to have an extra ticket or two for Tegan and Sara on Thursday I would be willing to give you my undying love and some money for it. I went to pick up my tickets for the show when I got back to town and they are all sold out. That’s what I get for leaving town, i ‘spose…So, hook me up people! If not, lemme know how it went.

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