October 2, 2007

Kevin Drew, The Hub, BBC6 Radio, 5 September 2007

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photo from The Line of Best Fit, who has Kevin Drew answer 20 Questions.

Howdy folks. I know I’m a few days late in posting and, while you would think that my admittedly slack schedule shouldn’t be hard to keep up with things sometimes keep me away from the computer. My excuse this time is that I’m on holidays. Right now I’m taking a few minutes away from my (much deserved, if I say so myself) vacation in Cape Cod to post. So please forgive me for being a few days behind.

Broken Social Sceneter Kevin Drew has released an(other) exceptional album in “Spirit If…” Fans of the BSS collective will surely not be disappointed and while this album probably won’t open the eyes and ears of the unconverted it is, ultimately, their loss. Drew’s breathy vocals meld with the complexly layered songs that are BSS’ hallmark. His lyrics are as dense as the instrumentation and poetic snippets will occasionally float above the music to grab your attention, shaking you awake with their poignancy just as the music has made you complacent with its dreaminess. Drew has made a beautiful album in which the ideas of the last BSS record have been given room to evolve and develop with equal doses of intimacy suitable to the solo artist format and out and out rockers which make great use of all the folks credited in the liner notes. This album has been on heavy rotation while I’ve been driving around the Cape and with each listen it grows on me, giving up a few more of its secrets while reassuring me that there is always going to be something wonderfully enigmatic left about it. About a month ago Drew visited Tom Robinson who was filling in for Gideon Coe at the Beeb. Below you will find the interview along with two songs (including one written that morning prior to the show) that Drew played. I hope you dig it and I’ll catch up with you when I get back to my Home and Native Land.

Kevin Drew, Gideon Coe (Tom Robinson sitting in), The Hub, BBC6 Radio, 5 September 2007

1. spiritual return (talk)
2. Safety Bricks
3. gotta clear some stuff up (talk)
4. Untitled (new song – exclusive to BBC6)
5. outro (talk)

Buy “Sprit If…” from Arts & Crafts.


  1. Rich Thane said,

    Hey, thanks for linking to our site – but more so thanks for the live session. I didn’t even know he was on the show!

  2. Sean said,

    thanks a lot for this one!!

  3. ashley said,

    Hey, so based on the artists you’ve written about, I think you should check out the New Young Pony Club tour. Just a thought.


  4. Really great to hear, thanks for the post, and the wonderful words…

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