September 14, 2007

Picastro, Irene Trudel show, WFMU, 6 February 2006

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photo by Beth at RockPaperPixels from the Picastro myspace.

This past Tuesday, Toronto’s Picastro released their third album Whore Luck. The trio of Liz Hysen, Nick Storring, and Brandon Valdivia make extraordinary music that is experimental without being inaccessible. Picastro are in no rush. They take their time getting to their destination without letting their songs meander. They do not fall pray to self-indulgence and go off in all directions, rather they remain focused, allowing their music to unfold slowly and purposefully. Picastro restrain themselves, maintaining a subdued tone throughout, but with occasional sharp punctuations where Hysen’s voice expands, guitars and strings swell, and the drums crash. As these flourishes are used sparingly, their impact is so much the greater. This album is filled with striking moments – the lushness of the strings in “All Erase” at about the 1min. mark, the disquieting “If You Have Ghosts”, the echoing piano on “Friends of Mine” – but Whore Luck is much more than a collection of such moments as the vocals and instrumentation coalesces, creating a hauntingly beautiful whole.

The below radio session from the wonderful WFMU features Picastro in conversation with Irene Trudel from last year. They played a number of songs live, including several at-that-time untitled songs which now have titles and can be found on Whore Luck, along with a solo performance by Hysen and a couple of songs off their release “Metal Cares”.

Picastro have a number of upcoming cd release shows in Canada: they play Hamilton tonight, Sept. 14th with Wooden Stars, Sept. 15 they hit Montreal with the Divorced & Triceratreetops, they are in Toronto at the Music Gallery as part of the X-Avant series with the Madawaska String Quartet on Sept. 16th, and on Sept. 20 they will be in Guelph. They play Chicago on the 23rd of September before heading to Europe. They will be all over the place, in both North American and Europe in October and November, giving you plenty of chances to see them live so get out there and see ’em. Check out their myspace page for full details.

Picastro, Irene Trudel show, WFMU, 6 February 2006

1. intro (talk)
2. No Contest
3. All Erase
4. long weekend (talk)
5. Hortur
6. Albanis
7. take suggestions (talk)
8. one more (talk)
9. I Can’t Fall Asleep
10. a weird feeling (talk)
11. Liz Hysen solo song (untitled)
12. send your emails (talk)

Pick up the extraordinary Whore Luck through Polyvinyl and be sure to support WFMU.

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