September 7, 2007

We Are Scientists, T in the Park, Balado, Scotland, 9 July 2006 (BBC Radio 1 Broadcast)

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WAS at T in the Park, 2006, photos by Jane Stockdale for the BBC.

Living in a college town, I tend to have mixed feelings about September. The invasion of students means the bars and restaurants are much more crowded, there are longer line-ups everywhere, the city is generally much noisier and busier, and the tranquility of the summer is broken (man, I really am one step away from being the crotchety old guy sitting on his porch shaking his fist at the “young whippersnappers”, aren’t I?). However, with the invasion of students isn’t all bad. New life is breathed into the city and, most importantly, with the school year comes a whole slew of great concerts. And this year is shaping up to be a killer year, with concerts every week, sometimes several (or even several on the same night! Ack! Choices must me made!) – be sure to check out The Grad Club and The Artel and all the other usual suspects for the skinny on who’s playing where and when. Of course, I’ll try to do my best to keep you informed, as well.

This year is starting off with a pretty big bang with the annual Queen’s Frosh Concert. Tonight, Sept. 7th, Metric return to the campus’ most glamourous parking lot and this year they are bringing along We Are Scientists. You know my position on openers – that they have to grab your attention and refuse to let you ignore them – well, WAS definitely fit that bill. I have the distinct feeling that the openers are going to steal the show. With their frenetic indie rock – all guitars and squeals and driving rhythms – they will no doubt have all in attendance bouncing along. So get out there early and enjoy yourself.

Alright, you only have a few hours to get tickets if you are a Kingstonian who happens to be reading this – frosh get in free, upper years and (i’m told) alumni can get tickets through the QEA for $15. Everyone else, it seems, is SOL. I don’t think I’ll be heading down to the show so let me know how it was, ok? WAS are playing the Osheaga Festival on Sunday and are going to be all over the UK in November so check ’em out if you get the chance. Metric are hitting V Fest in Toronto this weekend and Halifax and St. John’s on Sept. 14 and 16th respectively before spending the rest of the month touring the US.

For those who are unfamiliar with WAS or would like a refresher, here they are performing at the 2006 T in the Park festival, courtesy of the always awesome Steve Lamaq1.

We Are Scientists, T in the Park, Balado, Scotland, 9 July 2006
1. Lousy Reputation/Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt
2. Worth the Wait
3. It’s A Hit
4. This Scene Is Dead
5. Inaction
6. two guitars (talk)
7. The Great Escape

WAS have underwear (with a kitten on them, really) and all kinds of rad t-shirts and other things along with their cds for purchase HERE. Buy ’em because one more pair of undies = one less day you need to laundry.


  1. […] And there’s apparently another show tonight? I don’t know why these university shows weren’t listed anywhere […]

  2. rawrargh said,

    do you have any of the videos from t in the park at all?
    i woudl appreciate them a lot…the only ones i have are cash cow and can’t lose…

  3. rgsc said,

    sorry rawrargh, i don’t have any video from WAS at t in the park – i just have the audio from the BBC broadcast.

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