August 31, 2007

Basia Bulat, Wolfe Island Music Fest, 11 August 2007

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For photos much better than mine, see the pics taken by Chromewaves.

All of the bands at the Wolfe Island Music Fest were awesome. You’ve heard me go on at length about the radness of practically each and every one of them. Of all the performers of the day, the act that I was really looking forward to seeing because she was something of a mystery to me, was Basia Bulat. She was introduced to me a while ago by the gentleman-scholars at Said the Gramophone and I have been playing the two songs off her album “Oh, My Darling” that I have quite frequently while I wait for the North American release of the disc. Bulat, with mini-orchestra in tow, lived up to my expectations and her entire set of lovely chamber-pop was amazing.

Lovely is the best way to describe the music. Bulat has an exceptionally rich voice with just the slightest quaver. The tone of her voice is like your favourite blanket on a winters day – it is warm and comforting: you want to surround yourself with it, letting it envelope and sustain you. The songs alternated between the soulful and the spritely. A lush sounds is weaved together through the autoharp and guitar wielded by Bulat and the ukulele, piano, flute and magnificent strings of her backing band. As I sat on the grass, I let the beautiful sounds coming from the stage wash over me and couldn’t think of a much better way to be spending a Saturday afternoon.

Be sure to tune in this Saturday (Sept. 1st) to Bandwidth on CBC Radio One at 5pm to hear Basia Bulat’s performance at the Ottawa Bluesfest and I highly recommend you make your way over to the Internet Archive to download an outstanding 2005 performance recorded at Zeke’s Gallery in Montreal. Below you will find a handful of the songs that were performed at Wolfe Island. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Basia Bulat, Wolfe Island Music Fest, 11 August 2007

* I Was A Daughter

* Touch The Hem Of His Garment (Sam Cooke cover)

* Before I Knew

* Snakes and Ladders

Bulat will be releasing her amazing album (finally!) in Canada through Hardwood Records on September 18th. Those of you in Europe and Japan can get it now, if you don’t already have it, through Rough Trade (on sale for now 10GBP).

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