August 5, 2007

Holy Fuck, Grad Club, Kingston, 2 March 2007

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photo of Holy Fuck performing in Philadelphia, 17 May 2007, courtesy of Jalapeño.

Only one week away until the Wolfe Island Music Fest! Last year Holy Fuck, I’m told, practically stole the show. This year they are going to whip the audience into a frenzy before Wolf Parade come out to rock the socks of all present. Their improv, electro-rock dance music never fails to get the crowd moving. Holy Fuck is one of those bands who are good on cd but absolutely come alive on stage. The show at the Grad Club was absolutely packed and the audience loved every moment – from the head-bobbers down to the bat-shit-crazy freaky dancing (some people were *really* into it). HF drew mostly from the (then) new self-titled EP along with some tunes that I couldn’t identify (as usual drop me a line if you know what the titles are). The EP is amazing as it expands on the ideas of the LP, captured a little more of what they do in a live setting, and they got Owen Pallett to provide some strings for “Lovely Allen”. Do I need to tell you its outstanding? ‘Tis.

Alright folks. I’ll hopefully be able to check in before the end of the week, but if you don’t hear from me I’ll see you on Wolfe Island.

Holy Fuck, Grad Club, Kingston, 2 March 2007

1. Live in Kingston – 1
2. Frenchy’s
3. They’re Going to Take My Thumbs
4. Live in Kingston – 4
5. Safari
6. The Pulse
7. Live in Kingston – 7
8. Live in Kingston – 8
9. Lovely Allen
10. Tone Bank Jungle
11. Live in Kingston – 11

Buy HF’s records through MapleMusic and in case I need to mention it again get your Wolfe Island Music Fest tickets here.


  1. matt said,

    holy fuck + wolf parade = 😀

  2. […] some live mp3s by Holy Fuck check out this blog. var AdBrite_Title_Color = ‘FFCC66′; var AdBrite_Text_Color = ’66B5FF’; var […]

  3. […] on the recording so I am just gonna post a few of the better songs. I hope you dig it (more live HF here and here). And be sure to check them out for yourself. Feel free to rub it in if you do, I deserve […]

  4. Carlangas said,

    Great texts about the great Holy Fuck.
    Probably I´d take some of this staff for my page, If you don´t have any problem.

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