July 30, 2007

Apostle of Hustle, Grad Club, Kingston, 27 January 2007

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Can you feel it? Can you feel the excitement in the air? The Wolfe Island Music Fest is less than two weeks away. One of this year’s biggest acts is, without a doubt, Apostle of Hustle who previously graced the WIMF stage in 2005. Having witnessed the extraordinary talent that is Andrew Whiteman and crew up close and personal at the Grad Club on the first date of his residency there at the beginning of the year, I am looking forward to their performance in this rather different setting. The Cuban-inspired sound is big – especially if they bring along both amazing percussionists that figured prominently in my enjoyment the Grad Club show (see “Fast Pony…”, “Haul Away,” or pretty much any other track, to be instantly convinced) – and I think that while it was amazing with the intimate scale of the Grad Club show, it will take on a whole other life outdoors.

The January show was fantastic for a number of reasons. One is that I was exceptionally close to the band – so it was a pretty intimate experience. Another is that they played a great deal of material off their then-unreleased, amazing, sophomore record “National Anthem of Nowhere”. Also, for the residency in Kingston and in Toronto at the Rivoli, AoH asked fans to submit songs that they would like to see covered. I don’t know what they played at other shows but here they played a rather wonderful cover of Sarah Harmer’s “Coffee Stain” (and you all know how I feel about Sarah Harmer). While I wanted, but was unable, to go to all the shows, I am more than content with having seen this one, which would have been pretty tough to top.

Apostle of Hustle, Grad Club, Kingston, 27 January 2007

1. old songs to start it off (talk)
2. Folkloric Feel
3. My Sword Hand’s Anger
4. rock hudson (talk)
5. A Rent Boy Goes Down
6. nope, that’s it (talk)
7. Kings and Queens
8. song about the suburbs (talk)
9. National Anthem of Nowhere
10. Chances Are
11. to avoid these types of requests (talk)
12. Fast Pony For Victor Jara
13. the spirit is there even if the words are only half there (talk)
14. Coffee Stain (Sarah Harmer cover)
15. anyone been locked in a dungeon of an ocean-going vessel? (talk)
16. Haul Away
17. Baby, You’re In Luck
18. Animal Fat
19. evil wind (talk)
20. ¡Rafaga!
21. i learned everything i know about the bible by listening to Sly Stone records (talk)
22. Justine, Beckoning
23. his parents are here (talk)
24. encore intro (talk)
25. Sleepwalking Ballad
26. not as much fun (talk)
27. The Naked & Alone

Get both the outstanding AoH albums from Arts & Crafts and get your Wolfe Island Music Fest tickets to see Apostle of Hustle and 12 other amazing acts in one of the loveliest places around on August 10th and 11th.


  1. albert said,

    great site, keep the ball rolling!

  2. Noshy said,

    I know how much you like recording such excellent gigs, so this is why I must implore you to do everything in your digital-audio recording powers to tape that Wolf Parade set at the festival next weekend! It must be a tough one though to decide which band is more “tape worthy” but I guess you are prepared for such variety of choice.

    I almost had incentive to return to Kingston and visit an ex-girlfriend just for this very event. But the plane tickets coupled with various other emotional costs it would toll would be far reaching out of my current price range. 😦

    Hope all goes well and great if you attend!

  3. […] return to the Grad Club on November 30th. That’s this Friday, folks. Remember how good it was last time? You’ll want to get your tickets soon – at the Grad Club and […]

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