July 16, 2007

Spiral Beach, Winter City Festival, Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto, 3 February 2007

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photo courtesy of Jalapeño taken at the Bowery Ballroom, NY, 15 November 2006

I know I’m running a bit behind, but it is the summer and I am feeling strangely compelled *not* to spend my weekends in front of the computer. And, looking ahead to getting outside for another weekend of awesomeness, here is my second post on bands playing the Wolfe Island Music Fest, happening on August 10-11.

Spiral Beach wowed me when I saw them at the Winter City Festival in February. They played on an outdoor stage in one of the coldest days of the winter to a rather tiny crowd. They didn’t let the (very real) fear of getting frostbite on their extremities stop them from absolutely commanding the stage, playing an extremely energetic set of mostly new material, some of which will appear on their new album that will be released in the not-so-distant future (as you will see, I again had to guess at the names of songs. I’m almost certainly way off with my titles so if you happen to know the proper names feel free to drop me a comment). Their music filled with great hooks, fantastic lyrical juxtapositions sung by multiple vocalists, and is punctuated with odd breaks, changes in pace, and outright spazzy moments. All of this is brought together to form a unique sound (it is rather spooky– a result of the keyboards used, methinks) which they deliver with exuberance both on their album and live. Their songs translated very well onstage and, in addition to sounding great, they were clearly having fun, interacting with each other and with the audience (including some dancing costumed performers on stilts in the Square who fit right in). Based on my experience in Toronto, I am confident that they will be one of the most memorable acts at WIMF this year.

Spiral Beach, Winter City Festival, Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto, 3 February 2007

1. swallowing the diamonds (title?)
2. New Clouds, Hot Clouds
3. want you back (title?)
4. she’ll never make it to sleep (title?)
5. pedestrian (title?)
6. Philosophy Is My Cat
7. I don’t call it a waste of time (title?) (Update: Thanks to Kyle for letting me know this track is called ‘Rocket Fuel’)
8. you’re dancing on the ceiling (title?) (Update2: Thanks to Sarah and Asas for letting me know this track is called ‘Kind of Beast’)
9. you don’t have an alter ego? (talk)
10. Monster Boy (Update 3: this track is actually called “Made of Stone” – thanks Edward)
11. i have an important announcement (talk)
12. what’s it going to come to (title?) (Update2: This track is called ‘Man Moon’)

Here is a short video clip of the final song recorded by familyfriend1.

Get Spiral Beach’s self-titled cd from the band and be sure to get your Wolfe Island Music Fest tickets.


  1. Kyle said,

    The title of “I don’t call it a waste of time”, I believe, is “Rocket Fuel”, in case you were interested

  2. rgsc said,

    Thanks for the info, Kyle – it is much appreciated

  3. sarah said,

    “you’re dancing on the ceiling” is actually called “What kind of beast am I?”

  4. asas said,

    Actually, it’s just “kind of beast”

    Here’s their “secret” myspace with three new songs : http://www.myspace.com/skuntskunt

  5. rgsc said,

    Thanks for the info Sarah and asas. And thanks for pointing to the skunt myspace – the new songs sound great.

  6. Edward Lee said,

    Track 10 is called “Made of Stone”

  7. rgsc said,

    Thanks Edward – sooner or later i’ll get them all right.

  8. larry said,

    she’ll never make it to sleep = astro girl
    swallowing the dimond = we saw ghosts

  9. […] On Tuesday, Spiral Beach released their second album, “Ball.” This album will confirm what fans of their self-titled debut know and is sure to bring the band to the attention of many more people. They use the same sonic building blocks as their first album but manage to produce a record that is much richer and more textured. Using spooky synths and eerie vocals, capped off with rock-solid drumming and hook-filled guitar work, Spiral Beach have crafted a highly distinctive sound. The exuberance and intensity that is found in their live show – and which was largely absent from their first album – is successfully captured here. And let me tell you, they put on an intense live show. For a taste, you can check out my recording of their set from this year’s Wolfe Island Music Fest below (and a recording from Toronto earlier in the year, here). […]

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