June 24, 2007

Frog Eyes, CBC Studio 2, Vancouver, 7 Jun 2004

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Listening to the CBC Radio 3‘s session with Frog Eyes, I envision Carey Mercer onstage as a seducer one moment and demon the next as he moves from whispering to cooing before letting loose with the shrieking vocals he is best known for. Wildly emotional and esoteric, Frog Eyes has a reputation as one of the most intense live bands out there. Having not had the opportunity to see them perform myself I can only imagine. You, however, could experience it for yourself if you are in the National Capital Region as they are playing at the first ever Capital Idea! Festival in Ottawa organized by Mocking Music. It looks like I won’t be able to catch any of the festival (I was hoping to get back to Ottawa to catch a few shows – this one in particular), which sucks, but since there is a full week of super rad music I highly encourage you to go if you can. Feel free to lord it over me if you do go because you know I’ll be jealous.

Frog Eyes, CBC Studio 2, Vancouver, 7 June 2004

1. The Fox Speaks To His Wife Who Is Not Quite Sure

2. Our Lordship Has Devised A New Billing System

3. Masticated Outboard Motors

4. A Latex Ice Age

5. Ship Destroyer

6. I Like Dot Dot Dot

7. New Soft Motherhood Alliance

You can get “Tears of the Valedictorian” – one of the best records of 2007 so far – from Absolutely Kosher, along with earlier Frog Eyes stuff (the first few albums can also be found at Global Symphonic).

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