June 10, 2007

Apostle of Hustle & Tanya Tagaq, Fuse, CBC Radio, 27 May 2007 rebroadcast

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The most successful instances of Fuse, one of the best shows currently produced the Mother Corp, are, in my mind, are the ones which pair one of my favourite bands with something strange and wonderful (see Ohbijou and Kids on TV). Another case in point is the session below: the amazing Apostle of Hustle paired with the throat singer Tanya Tagaq. The sound of throat singing is utterly unique. It is haunting, evocative, and amazingly it complements the Cuban-inspired sound employed by Andrew Whiteman. Tagaq’s vocal contributions are subtle (but quite beautiful) at first, but at 5:45 into the first song, you know that there is something special afoot. What unfolds over the three songs, in which the artists freely improvise, moves from lovely to haunting to terrifying to beautiful and back again. The songs are epic, magnificent, and probably unlike anything else in your music collection. Strange? Yes, this is certainly not your average indie rock fare. Wondeful? Most definitely so.

Apostle of Hustle & Tanya Tagaq, Fuse, CBC Radio, 27 May 2007 (rebroadcast)

1. nudie suits and a caribou thong (talk)

2. My Sword Hand’s Anger

3. we can call them shady (talk)

4. Fast Pony for Victor Jara

5. thrusting of all kinds (talk)

6. Untitled

7. just one question(talk)

8. My Sword Hand’s Anger (reprised; outro)

You can and should pick up Tagaq’s record Sinaa here and Apostle of Hustle’s records here.

PS – I somehow forgot to mention that Apostle of Hustle will be playing the Wolfe Island Music Festival on August 11th, a grievious oversight. Get your tickets online through Maple Music. They will also be available at a number of spots around Kingston soon (check the website for details). They are gonna be snapped up pretty quick so make sure you get them soon.


  1. Janet Brown said,

    I listened to Half of FUSE while driving on the 401, Saturday – en route to a Feist concert @ Massey Hall, Toronto. That show was a disappointment at times. Sunday afternoon, I listened to FUSE as I stretched out on the back porch couch. WHAT A COMPLETE TREAT and compliment to CBC Radio to have such diverse (as Julian said, partially – Andrew delves into southern hemisphere interests) north and south hemispheric blends! All instruments, whether voice, stringed, drums,… on this program were truly in tune. The humour and graces evident throughout the FUSE program that weekend make me wish that a REPEAT button could be pushed many times.
    I am happy that others (other than Julian’s Mum) heard the program.

    Janet, a Brown

  2. Apostle of Hustle is playing in BOSTON, MA on Sunday June 17 at the Great Scott! More info at http://www.fenwayrecordings.com

  3. Susana said,

    Thank you SO MUCH for posting this. I was wondering when a recording would be available. I heard it when it first was broad casted and have been daydreaming about listening to it once more.

  4. […] Tagaq for what undoubtedly be a series of unforgettable shows (see some tracks from their CBC Fuse recording here). Check out here or here for full dates: September 11th, Montreal, La Sala Rossa September 12th, […]

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