April 15, 2007

Cuff the Duke, The Grad Club, Kingston, 23 February 2007

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Howdy folks. Did you have a good week? I certainly did as I took in all three shows that I mentioned in my last post. All three were really good – Final Fantasy was particularly amazing – but I’m feeling a little rawked out at the moment. Totally worth it, though.

Before I get going, have you seen the lineup for the Wolfe Island Musicfest this year? Two words: Wolf Parade. Un-freakin’-believable. From top to bottom an astounding lineup of acts. Virginia is a superhero, a booking ninja – bow down before her awesomeness! So, August 10th-11th. Be there. You have no choice. Starting June-ish I plan on doing a “Countdown to Wolfe Island” featuring 8 or so of the acts on the bill so if you don’t mark it in your calendars right now don’t fear, because I will be bringing it up every chance I get from now until then and then I probably will be talking about it until the following year.


photo by Weekend Vagabond from The Groove Lounge, Oshawa ON, Saturday October 21st, 2006.

You know those shows where, even before you get there, you know that it is going to be epic? This is one of those shows. I had the feeling that the latest visit of Cuff the Duke to Kingston was going to be awesome from the get go. I hadn’t had the pleasure of seeing them live before, and even though Ohbijou were playing earlier in the night (they were awesome), I couldn’t pass them up. And, man-o-man I am glad I made it. It was an exceptionally rock-n’-roll show, complete with fistpumping, singing/shouting along from the crowd, and other general rawking out. They were celebrating the re-release of their debut album and they played a bunch of classic tracks of that disc as well as a slew of new songs which they are in the process of recording, probably right now as I am typing. Even though Wayne Petti said he was very ill, you wouldn’t have known it. They left it all on the stage. It was great.

This Thursday, Cuff frontman Wayne Petti will hit the Elixir in support of his solo effort “City Lights Align”. Its a little quieter than Cuff the Duke’s records – more in the folky singer-songwriter vein – but what it lacks in volume it makes up for in intimacy. Stream some tracks at Petti’s myspace and pick up the album from Outside Music or digitally at Zunior.

Cuff the Duke, The Grad Club, Kingston, 23 February 2007

1. Blackheart
2. Belgium or Peru
3. so nice to be at the grad club (talk)
4. The Ballad of Poor John Henry
5. old times, the good old days (talk)
6. “I Remember Those Good Times” (title? new song)
7. thanks to our good friends from Oshawa (talk)
8. The Difference Between Us
9. sold out (talk)
10. “I Guess It’s Up To You (title? new song)
11. “You’re Not Gonna” (title? new song)
12. you can borrow it, just don’t spill shit on it (talk)
13. The Future Hangs
14. I don’t think its quite hot enough (talk)
15. Lonely Path of Mine
16. make sure you tip them well (talk)
17. “If I Live, If I Die” (title? new song)
18. we can do it there (talk)
19. “I’ll Come Running Back To You” (title? new song)
20. a little Kingston, right there in Mel Lastman Square (talk)
21. Take My Money and Run
22. feeling faint (talk)
23. Ballad Of A Lonely Construction Worker
24. a little debate in the dark (talk)
25. “Such a Long, Long Road” (title?)
26. if i start to lean forward just push me back up (talk)
27. The Trouble and the Truth

If you missed it before, you can now get the amazing and newly re-issued Life Stories for Minimum Wage it will make a nice companion to their equally great self-titled follow up and because Zunior rules, you can get both albums there digitally.


  1. Colin said,

    You didn’t by any chance record Final Fantasy’s show, did you?

  2. rgsc said,

    Hey Colin – I did happen to record the Final Fantasy show, as well as, I think, Final Fantasy & Cadence Weapon on CBC’s Fuse (with my big thanks to b(oot)log reader Craig who gave me the heads up – I was out of town and had it setup to record but i’m not sure of the results yet).

    So stay tuned. It takes me a while to get my shit together and edit, tag & post a set but I am going to put FF at the top of the list and probably will post it on the weekend of the 28th. Cool?

  3. Pattie Phillips said,

    heeeeeeeeeeey, i recognize that photo! sweeeeeet! so stoked that you used it! thanks!

  4. rgsc said,

    no, thank you pattie. I saw you Cuff the Duke pics when looking at the Jill Barber photos and thought they were too good not to use here are well.

  5. colin said,

    Excellent, thanks.

  6. Roland said,

    Hey, thanks for stopping by! Joining you guys is actually pretty realistic, ’cause I’ll be staying upstate at some point during the summer.

    So, this roadtrip doesn’t seem too bad:


    Talk to ya soon!

  7. Tessa said,

    Hey guys, just want to let you know how awsome I think your music and band are, I could listen to it non stop, actually, thats what I’ve been doing, so keep doing what you do

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