April 8, 2007

Bairds and Barbers, Fuse, CBC Radio, 3 March 2007 rebroadcast

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photo of Jill Barber with Matthew Barber and Stu Crooks at the Hillside Festival, Guelph, 31 July 2006 by Easternblot.

There were no shows this weekend (well, none that I was interested in – did anyone see Ben Folds? How was it?) and I place the blame squarely on the shoulders of the Easter Bunny. That damn rabbit is a killjoy. But he did bring me minieggs so I guess he’s not all bad. Anyhoot, with the weekend off, I hope you were able to get rested up because this week there are three shows of note and I expect you all the be at them all:

1) Tomorrow, April 9th, Hank & Lilly will be bringing their country-cabaret bizarro-fest to the Artel with Wax Mannequin. I expect it will be nothing less than utterly strange and wonderful.

2) On Tuesday you better have nothing important going on because you are going to need to cancel whatever you are doing. Final Fantasy is playing the beautiful Sydenham St. United Church with Hank. Holy freakin’ crap this is going to be great. As of a couple of hours ago, the show is not sold out and there will be some tickets available at the door.

3) And, on Friday the 13th, Matthew Barber will be at the Grad Club with the ever-so-lovely Julie Fader.

As you know, I recently posted about Jill Barber (did you go to the show? it was fantastic) and I have posted about the elder Barber in the not so distant past. If I want to feature all Barbers, all the time, you are just going to have to deal with it, this is my website. But knowing that you are like me and are big fans of the Barbers so you will no doubt be happy to see them performing together.

For today’s post we are lucky to have both Barbers, joined by Jay, Jesse, and Bryden Baird (of Drummer, Shotgun & Jaybird, and many other bands) for a great episode of Fuse thanks to The Corporation. While the Barbers are great on their own, the wealth of talent the Bairds bring to the party makes it all the better. The trumpet on Matthew Barber’s “Easy to Fall,” for example, is fantastic, the vocal harmonies throughout are wonderful, and who can argue with the accordion on “Hard Line”?

Bairds and Barbers, Fuse, CBC Radio, 3 March 2007 rebroadcast

1. intro – ‘we’ll get to the dirt, don’t worry’ (talk)

2. CCM Bikes (Drummer)

3. One little story (talk)

4. Just for Now (Jill Barber)

5. Was he suitably nuts? (talk)

6. Morning Light (Matthew Barber)

7. I thought it was a drinking song (talk)

8. Kickdrum Blues (Shotgun & Jaybird)

9. recreations of chariots of fire (talk)

10. Long Black Veil (Lefty Fizzell/The Band cover)

11. a certain lyrical simularity (talk)

12. Easy to Fall (Matthew Barber)

13. Peruvian mountain goat nails (talk)

14. Biltamore (Drummer)

15. an instrument you think I can handle (talk)

16. Hardline (Jill Barber)

17. Outro – unclear of how to end the song (talk)

I could only find mentions of the Bairds’ band Drummer online and had no luck finding their album “In Basements and in Bars” but you may be able to get it at a fine music retailer near you. You can find Matthew Barber’s albums here.


  1. woj said,

    very nice! thanks!

  2. […] Bairds and Barbers, Fuse, CBC Radio, 3 March 2007 rebroadcast from B(oot)log […]

  3. Pattie Phillips said,

    personally, i’m delighted that you are such an ardent supporter of jill barber, because in my opinion there is no such thing as too much JB. and i also happen to love matt barber. the barber siblings, well, they make me swoooon!

    i was also at the grad club show on the 30th, and i was simply delighted with the performance. jill barber is sooooooooo obviously lovely. i’d made it out to see her in november too, and though it was a fine concert, this last one seemed just a little more magical (maybe it was the christmas lights on the mic stand, maybe it was the drinks i’d had beforehand) – though, i swear i’ve never seen the grad club clear out so quickly! i kinda felt a little bad for jill, did no one want to wait for an encore?

    anyways, keep up the blatant JB favouritism, er, i mean, steadfast support, and if you’re interested in seeing my photos from the latest grad club show, you can find them on my flickr account: http://flickr.com/photos/weekendvagabond/sets/72157600052417842/

  4. rgsc said,

    Hey Pattie – I’m glad that you share my love of all things Barber! I’m a bit torn about which was better – this recent one or the one previous…both were great but I think I will have to go with you and say this one (it mercifully didn’t have that rather unpleasant “harmonizing” on Two Brown eyes). It was kinda odd that everyone sorta went “that’s it? alrighty then, we’re outta here” and booked it. I was hoping for more but I guess the majority of the crowd was about turn into pumpkins or something.

    Your photos are smashing. I think I will have to borrow them when I post my recording from the 30th – thanks for leaving the link!

  5. Pattie Phillips said,

    oh please borrow any you’d like; i’d be quite honoured.

    i must agree, the harmonizing attempt on ‘two brown eyes’ last time was a bit disheartening. and poor jill, she was trying so hard to sing around the girl – anything to make it work! the last show did have it’s highlights – my personal favourite included jill’s seemingly endless g&t. it seemed everytime she picked it up it was full. but regardless of her drink’s magical properties, it was pretty apparent by the end of the night that jill was a wee bit toasty. which, was pretty funny in its own right. especially when she was trying to find her bag at the end of the evening, and she was tangling the amp chords. that’s a quality concert moment.

    this time around the vibe of the show just seemed so different (a little more easy-going, a little more relaxed) right from the get-go. too bad the crowd was lame and cut the evening short – otherwise i’m sure this show would have been the hands-down winner. in the meantime, i’m looking forward to your march 30th post, as i zoned out a little bit after she agreed to play my request (somewhere else), from the sheer amazement that i had a) managed to make a request, and b) she thought it a good song to play.

  6. chrisk said,

    Not to detract too much attention from the lovely Barbers, but:

    The Rheos.

    The Rheos. The Rheostatics are on CBCRadio3.com. The Rheostatics final show, live at Massey Hall. The entire uncut show.

    The Rheostatics!

  7. chrisk said,

    Hey! CBC lied. It isn’t the entire show.

    Good thing it’s here:


  8. rgsc said,

    how dare you take the spotlight from the barbers. for shame sir…..

    of course i kid – I was happy to hear that CBC was putting up the full show (the “full show” isn’t the full show??) but I hadn’t checked it out yet. thanks for the link.

    by the way, going back to our conversation ages ago – I caught hank & lily on monday. they were pretty awesome. they didn’t have much in the way of merch, sadly, just the cds.

  9. chrisk said,

    I saw Meatdraw a couple weeks ago, but Lily wasn’t there. I was disappointed. The band was really stompin’, but I knew that Lily’s charm would’ve topped it all off.

  10. td said,

    Very good… I sampled the song Hard Line and then came back for the full meal. Thanks for posting this…

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