March 31, 2007

The Bicycles, The Artel, Kingston, 26 January 2007

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Ok. I’m running really short of time so this post is gonna be short and sweet – just like songs produced by today’s featured artist the Bicycles. This Toronto six-piece make insanely catchy, ultra-concentrated, little nuggets of pop goodness. Their sixties bubblegum sound is laden with horns, harmonies and tambourines and it is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and a bounce in your step.

The Bicycles are opening for the Ride Theory TONIGHT at the Grad Club (sorry I didn’t give you more of a heads up on this one and it should be a great time. The recording below was from their visit to The Artel a couple of months ago. Just so you know, the vocals were pretty low in the mix so you can’t always hear them but the band sounds great throughout. Hope you dig it.

The Bicycles, The Artel, Kingston, 26 January 2007 

1. you should go to the grad club (talk).mp3
2. Ah Ha! (title?).mp3
3. quit tellin’ us what to do (talk).mp3
4. B-B-Bicycles.mp3
5. we’re full (talk).mp3
6. Gotta Get Out.mp3
7. did it again (talk).mp3
8. I Know We Have to Be Apart.mp3
9. Australia.mp3
10. remember what we went over in practice (talk).mp3
11. Paris Be Mine.mp3
12. I Will Appear For You.mp3
13. Luck of Love.mp3
14. Kingston, you’re fattening us up (talk).mp3
15. End of A Good Thing.mp3
16. Homework.mp3
17. lucky 9 (talk).mp3
18. Two Girls From Montreal.mp3
19. pretend to leave (talk).mp3
20. Cuddly Toy.mp3
21. only bands that end in “ies” (talk).mp3
22. Jingle Jangle (The Archives cover).mp3

B-B-Buy the Bicycles’ record “The Good The Bad and the Cuddly” from their label or from Zunior.


  1. Craig Moynes said,

    How did I not know about your site until today? Anyways, love the site, keep up the excellent work. I think my work is going to notice the large spike in bandwidth from my machine as I grabbed some of my favourite artists you have posted.


  2. rgsc said,

    Hey Craig – glad you found me, even if it was only just now. Hope you don’t get fired for the extra bandwidth usage. that would make me sad. although i think i would have to change my tag line if you did. “B(oot)log: so awesome it will get you fired.” That is the power of the b(oot)log.

  3. […] City Lovers opened for The Bicycles in January at The Artel. As I described with the headliners, the mix wasn’t ideal and some of the strength in Kat Burn’s […]

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