March 21, 2007

Born Ruffians + We’re Marching On – songs & dates

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You know that on any given weekend there is probably something cool happening in town and chances are that things are going down at the Grad Club. This week is no different and there is a show on Saturday that I want to draw your attention to featuring two rather exciting bands.

The evening’s headliners, the Born Ruffians, are blowing up all over the place. And rightfully so. They have a great combination of infectious hooks, a very visible rhythm section which will get your feet a-movin’, quick-fire changes of tempo, and yelped vocals which are forceful but not grating. Everything comes across as a matter of urgency. It is jagged and barbed one moment and melodic the next. We are taken into the head of vocalist Luke Lalonde, who seems driven by his frustration and desperation. He lays it all out for us to see without embarrassment.

You can find their KEXP set over at I(heart)Music which features a great cover of Grizzly Bear’s “Knife” and a couple of weeks back they performed a set of stripped down songs (Lalonde was performing solo) and did an interview for AOL Interface which features a new song and three off their ep. Check it out here (the mp3 link only seems to give a minute and a half so try streaming it). Here’s one song:

*This Sentence Will Ruin/Save Your Life.mp3

Hitting the stage first will be We’re Marching On (or “WAMO” to those in the know…but I think it should really be “W’MO” but I guess that doesn’t have the same effect). This foursome should be really interesting to see live. Their ep “Argh! Umph! Ahh!” really is just a tease, featuring four songs with intro and outro tracks. These four songs are pretty eclectic (and that is by no means a bad thing) so I am curious to see how they pull a set together. Those few songs, however, are really fantastic. The disc starts out slowly, with fuzzed-out vocals plodding along but quickly switches gears becomes frantic, featuring a horns and spazzy synths, multiple vocalists calling out the lyrics, and fierce drumming keeping it all going. The songs shift several times in the middle so you are constantly kept off balance. Just at the point that the band might devolve into chaos, they reign things in and break out two slowburning tracks showing a rather different side of the band. They finish with the exceptionally soulful “1800s” (see below) which has a keyboard line that drives the song along, adding a melodic structure to the vocals which absolutely drip with passion. The individual elements of this song repeat with minor variations, mixing and building with strength until the drum-solo finish.


Here’s the tour dates:

March 22 Toronto @ Horseshoe Tavern
March 23 Ottawa @ Zaphod Beeblebrox
March 24 Kingston @ Grad Club
March 27 Guelph @ The Bookshelf E-Bar
March 28 Hamilton @ Casbah (Lounge)
March 29 London @ Call The Office
March 30 Brantford @ The Ford Plant!

Two mid-week posts. I better slow down or I just might strain something. I think I should go rest. I’ll see y’all on the weekend for my regularly scheduled post.

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