March 15, 2007

Great Lake Swimmers, CBC Studios, Toronto, 16 August 2004

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I can’t freakin’ believe it: WordPress just ate my entire post when I went to save it. Below you will find a completely re-written version…you’ll just have to take my word for it that the original post I had for you was much more eloquent.


If there are any banjo lovers among the b(oot)log faithful, they you are in for a treat this week. Kingston is going to be visited by not one but two bands which feature some awesome banjo action. First up, who I just want to quickly mention before moving on to my planned feature, will be Old Man Luedecke who will be at The Artel on Friday, March 16th. Fitting firmly into the standard folk/bluegrass traditional sonically, Luedecke knows his stuff. But he is not afraid to explore more contemporary scenarios in his some of his lyrics, bringing the traditional sound to bear on modern themes. What to have a little sample? I’m happy to oblige.

* Cemetaries Downtown
* Hinterland

These songs come from OML’s latest release “Hinterland” which can be found on Black Hen Music, who kindly provided the above tracks, and can also be acquired from the kind folks at Zunior.

Great Lake Swimmers photo by DoneWaiting, taken at HighFive, Columbus, OH, 7 April 2006

The second group that features banjo coming to town this weekend are the Great Lake Swimmers, who will be hitting the Grad Club with Julie Fader on St. Patrick’s Day. Unlike Old Man Luedecke, Great Lake Swimmers aren’t defined by their banjo use, but it is certainly present and it is a key component in their sound. And this sound is extraordinary. It is subtle but affecting. The atmosphere created evokes indistinct memories, faces faded with time, and the specters of events that are all but forgotten. Great Lake Swimmers are melancholic but are not bleak. With their musicianship they draw you closer, where Tony Dekker’s exquisitely crafted lyrics ensnare you. They will haunt you for day after hearing them.

Their stunning new album “Ongiara” is released in Canada on March 27th (later in other parts of the world) but is available now online at Zunior and other fine electronic retailers. The lead track “Your Rocky Spine” alone is worth the price.

This week’s session was recorded in the Ceeb’s Toronto studio in 2004. While I am willing to accept all the accolades you will no doubt heap upon me for sharing this, I must give credit where credit is due: Muzzle of Bees posted this set originally a few months ago. However, I feel it is worth putting up again for those of you who might have missed it over there. Enjoy.

Great Lake Swimmers, CBC Studios, Toronto, 16 August 2004

1. Three Days At Sea (Three Lost Years)
2. Moving Pictures Silent Films
3. Moving, Shaking
4. The Man With No Skin
5. Merge, A Vessel, A Harbour
6. I Will Never See The Sun

Bonus track (because it makes me grin insanely every time I hear it)
* See You On The Moon!

You can pick up all sorts of wonderful Great Lake Swimmers stuff at Zunior or you can get the albums from Weewerk and Nettwerk. The ridiculously wonderful “See You On The Moon!: Songs for Kids of All Ages” can be acquired from PaperBagRecords, if you ask them politely.

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