March 9, 2007

Jon-Rae and the River and Anne Lindsay, Fuse, CBC Radio, broadcast January 27, 2007

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photo by Miles from Nowhere.

Remember how I said that Jon-Rae and the River‘s last show in Kingston was the best show I saw last year? Well, get ready Kingston, ’cause they are back in Kingston tonight, and this isn’t something you want to be unprepared for. You need to warm yourself up before immersing yourself in the sweaty, sexy, booze-soaked rocking out that will be going on at the Grad Club. If you go in cold, you probably will collapse from the awesomeness. I suggest getting to the Grad Club early and having several stiff drinks, stretch your biceps so you don’t hurt yourself with the fist-pumping you are bound to do, and listen to the tracks I’ve posted below from Jon-Rae & the River’s appearance on CBC’s Fuse with violinist Anne Lindsay (a quick note: the stream I recorded off of was a bit crappy so there is some “popping” throughout the recording, my apologies). Do these three simple things and you will be all set for tonight. It’s gonna be great.

Tonight’s gig is the first in an honest-to-goodness coast-to-coast tour, hitting all 10 provinces in this great land of ours (sorry territories, looks like you get left out). After they hit Kingston, The River are heading out to Newfoundland where they will be joined by a little rock n’ roll outfit you may have heard of called The Constantines. When they get to Nova Scotia, Shotgun and Jaybird join the party until they get to Toronto at which time Ladyhawk comes on board to rock out to the west coast. Man, just typing that out seems awesome. Check out JR&theR’s site for full dates.

Jon-Rae and the River and Anne Lindsay, Fuse, CBC Radio, broadcast January 27, 2007

* It Shone.mp3

* You Dont Miss Your Water (Otis Redding cover).mp3

* Downtown.mp3

* we were like the pink goo (talk).mp3

* Nothin’ to Do.mp3

Jon-Rae and the River know what you need: it is THIS and THESE. Do yourself a favour and pick them all up along with Anne Lindsay’s albums.


  1. John said,

    This was my 1st time seeing Jon Rae last night & wow so good. Nice job covering it here.

  2. rgsc said,

    Hey John – thanks. Glad you could make it out to the show last night – i was there too and thought it was pretty kick ass. The River didn’t disapoint whatsoever.

  3. SSS said,

    Man that show kicked ass. They had Fire written on their set-list but didn’t end up playing it, but otherwise sensational.

  4. John said,

    Yes the set list, guess what i grabbed it at the end of the show & fire is on there as the last song then the encore roll & 14yrs that’s what’s written on the list. My wife scrapbooks so she is going to try to do something cool with it for me.

    But ya what a fun time they really kicked ass & i had a lot of fun as did my wife! Really exceeded our expectations (not that we had any) but dam I really like them. Can you imagine the shows they will be doing with shotgun & jaybird who I really like as well?
    Good times.

  5. rgsc said,

    They didn’t play “Fire” last time either…maybe next time…

    Heh – I don’t know if there was more than one set list but I think I asked your wife if I could take a peek at the one you snagged at the end of the show.

    I didn’t recognize the third and fourth songs . One was called “Time & Effort”, the other I didn’t catch. Would it be possible for you to send me a scan/digital pic of the setlist [bootlogger at gmail dot com] or transcribe it for me? You would be my hero.

  6. mike said,

    Never got to see the full river but got to see a solo show a couple of years ago. Just picked the new album up and damn it’s good. Haven’t stopped listening to it really. Thanks for this.

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