March 2, 2007

Holy Fuck, AJ’s Alehouse, Kingston, 13 September 2006

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photos from Grant Hall, Kingston, 28 February 2006

Do you like to dance? Of course you do. But being the cool rocker kid that you are, the sleazy meat markets aren’t exactly your scene. Well, this is where Holy Fuck comes in. Using the weirdest assortment of sound-emitting devices (but without the aid of laptops) they create improvised dance music that will get your staid indie-ass moving. Their music is complexly layered, sometimes jarring but never without some serious beats, and is always incredible to watch. While I dig their record a lot, they really come alive on stage. Seeing Brian Borcherdt frantically pulling filmstrips through a machine is an intense live-music experience.

If you are in the Kingston area forget about the freezing rain and get yourself to the Grad Club tonight (you probably want to get your ticket early as I’m told they are going fast) and witness the spectacle yourself. The two times I’ve seen Holy Fuck before were in significantly larger venues and I am curious to see if the Grad Club can contain the awesomeness without collapsing in on itself. Come and see for yourself. [note: be sure to return to the Grad Club this Saturday for In-Flight Safety and Two Hours Traffic.]

As you can see from the titles below I haven’t a clue what the songs are called. Holy Fuck do improvise a lot onstage so they may, in fact, not have titles. But if you happen to know what any of the tracks below are called please feel free to let me know. Hope to see you on the dance floor.

Holy Fuck, AJ’s Alehouse, Kingston, 13 September 2006

1.Track 1.mp3
2. we don’t have a singer (talk).mp3
3. Tone Bank Jungle.mp3
4. They’re Going to Have to Take My Thumbs.mp3 [title updated]
5. Track 5.mp3
6. Track 6.mp3
7. Safari.mp3
8. pants exploded (talk).mp3
9. Frenchy’s.mp3 [title updated]
10. Lovely Allen.mp3 [title updated – with thanks to Ikram]
11. trying stuff we haven’t done before (talk).mp3
12. The Pulse.mp3 [title updated]
13. Track 13.mp3

Pick up the self-titled album from Dependent/Maple Music, dancing shoes not included.

And, coincidentally, Holy Fuck are this week’s guests on my new favourite cooking show – Let’s Get Baked with Mat & Dave. Check out the podcast and learn how to make ‘Improv Spaghetti Squash and Tofu Scramble.’ Awesome.


  1. colin said,

    I. Love. This band. I (stupidly) missed one of their shows, but it was a really small venue and I heard it outside. I’ve been hooked ever since. Thanks a lotttttttt for this.

  2. rgsc said,

    Hey Colin. You are most welcome. Glad you dig it. Definitely check them out live next time they are in your neighbourhood. They are awesomeness personified.

  3. Ikram said,

    track 10 is called lovely allen. Thanks for the track btw.

  4. rgsc said,

    Thanks for the info, Ikram – that track is absolutely stellar, it’s nice to know what it is called.

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