February 23, 2007

The D’Urbervilles, Elixir, Kingston, 14 September 2006 (with Cuff the Duke contest winners)

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photos from the D’Urbervilles show at the Horseshoe, Toronto on Sept. 22nd, 2006, by controller.controller .

Alright. This one is going up early so you can all get excited about seeing The D’Urbervilles live tonight, opening for Cuff the Duke at the Grad Club. And speaking of Cuff the Duke, I am happy to announce that Michael & Rebecca are the lucky winners of the “Life Stories for Minimum Wage” contest. Your copy of the cd will be speeding to you as fast as Canada Post can take it…so expect to get it in July.

But onto the subject of this week’s post. The D’Ubervilles are the best kind of opening band and they should do and excellent job tonight. They are extremely energetic, have lots of audience participation in the form of handclaps and shouting (and i seem to recall they spent more than a little time in the crowd themselves playing), and they are loud, raucous and hard to ignore. Hell, all in all that sounds like the best kind of band period. They combine post-punk guitar riffs with killer keyboard lines and awesome four-on-the-floor drumming with lyrics about class inequality. Their live show is as fun as their music is catchy – very.

This show, which was recorded in September of last year, was from their tour with You Say Party! We Say Die! and controller.controller. It was recorded on analogue tape so there is a bit of a hiss but not enough to detract from the awesomeness (in my opinion at least).

Be sure to get to the Grad Club early tonight. And save me a seat, ’cause I’m going to be coming from the Ohbijou show. And if you can run pass interference and delay start time of the D’Urbervilles set until, say, 11:10, that would be sweet, because I really would like to see them as well as Ohbijou. What can i say? I’m a “have his cake and eat it too” kinda guy. There is lots of rockin’ and rollin’ going on tonight so be sure to get out there and enjoy yourselves.

The D’Urbervilles, Elixir, Kingston, 14 September 2006

1. Spin the Bottle.mp3
2. intrumental (title?).mp3
3. We Are the Hunters.mp3
4. a song made for dancing (talk).mp3
5. We’re Blowing Up!.mp3
6. he’s a helpful Steve (talk).mp3
7. Shout It Out! (Organ Song).mp3
8. only hotter from here on in (talk).mp3
9. Every Day and Night, Move Your Feet (title?).mp3

Pick up their debut, self-titled EP through their myspace page. And they, too, are on the Friends in Bellwood disc, so get that as well.


  1. I am diggin’ your blog.

  2. […] was fantastic. Of course, I had no doubt that they would be after being mightily impressed when I saw them in 2006. Get out there. You’ll have […]

  3. […] here is the live set from the last time the band graced Kingston’s finest stage (and more here and here). […]

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