February 19, 2007

Kids on TV and Ohbijou, Fuse, CBC Radio, 2006

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(Photo by mchen.)

Were you wondering what the best thing since sliced bread is? Well, if you ask me, its CBC Radio’s Fuse, which currently airs on Saturdays at 9pm on Radio One. The show has been on for a while but I only recently caught on to its greatness. The idea is simple. Have two bands performing together. They learn each other’s songs and do covers. In addition to having two really acts performing together which I am a fan of – sorta like when the opening band comes onstage with the main act during the encore to do Traveling Willbury’s covers or something – you have bands challenging themselves and others to do great things. Of the shows that I have heard so far, the best by a longshot is the pairing of stunningly beautiful Ohbijou with the shockingly frantic Kids on TV. It could have, and probably should have, been an absolute trainwreck, but it turned out absolutely amazing. The abrasive electropunk of Kids on TV added really interesting accents to the sweet orchestral sounds of Ohbijou while in turn Ohbijou’s strings and glocks and other traditional instruments added warmth to the glitches, beats and hard edge of Kids on TV. Making things even more interesting were the eclectic bunch of really stellar covers that were included in the setlist. You can tell both bands really enjoyed working together (and I believe they have played some shows together since), with it all culminating in a no-holds barred rendition of “Breakdance Hunx” with various members of Ohbijou stepping up to recite the memorable lyrics and featuring both breakdancing and the violation of the CBC logo, or so I am told. I really like both bands individually but together they absolutely blow me away.

I recorded this show off the air on Dec. 30th. It was recorded sometime earlier in the year.

Ohbijou are coming to the Artel on February 23rd, I am really excited about this show, especially since they had to cancel their last show when their van died. I hope you enjoy this recording. I’ll try to get the next post up more or less on time.

Kids on TV and Ohbijou, Fuse, CBC Radio, 30 December 2006 broadcast

1. Two musical forces uniting (talk).mp3
2. We Don’t Have to Take Our Clothes Off (Jermaine Stewart cover).mp3
3. Raciest fuse ever (talk).mp3
4. Wildfires.mp3
5. Brantford and Big John (talk).mp3
6. In Every Home A Heartache (Roxy Music cover).mp3
7. a call to arms (talk).mp3
8. Haunted House of Rock (Whodini cover).mp3
9. challenging ourselves (talk).mp3
10. Heartbeats (Annie cover).mp3
11. Woods intro (talk).mp3
12. The Woods.mp3
13. unlikely to be forgotten (talk).mp3
14. Breakdance Hunx.mp3
15. violating the CBC symbol & outro (talk).mp3

Pick up Ohbijou’s album from the band or download from Zunior and also pick up the doubledisc fundraiser for the Daily Bread Food Bank, Friends in Bellwood, featuring both Ohbijou (the masterminds behind the project) and Kids on TV along with a ton of other great bands (buy it here). You can get the Kids on TV album from the band, I assume, and at cool record stores all over the place.


Don’t forget to enter the Cuff the Duke contest – email me (gimmestuff.bootlog@gmail.com your name and address, get free stuff, impress your friends and neighbors! They play Kingston the same night as Ohbijou, that’s this Friday. Be there or be square.


  1. […] mind, are the ones which pair one of my favourite bands with something strange and wonderful (see Ohbijou and Kids on TV). Another case in point is the session below: the amazing Apostle of Hustle paired with the throat […]

  2. mchen said,

    Hey… I took that photo! 🙂

    Great that you have this posted. Terrific show… the underoos are etched in my memory, whether I want them there or not!

  3. rgsc said,

    Hey mchen. I am usually pretty careful about giving credit to photographers – I think I got that image from the Fuse site where it wasn’t credited. I have updated the post to include the attribution line – sorry for not having it before.

    I would have loved to see this show – it sounded like a great time.

  4. Dave Carlson said,

    Awesome recordings. I love how these two acts blended together. Do you have any recordings from the Kathleen Edwards and Feist episode of Fuse? That one sounds interesting too.

  5. rgsc said,

    Hey Dave. This episode was great. You never would have thought these two acts would blend but then it turns out amazing. That was the beauty of Fuse.
    Sadly, I think I missed the Feist/Edwards show.

  6. Thomaso said,

    Wow, just discovered this awesome combination of bands…They both rock by themselves, and this is even greater…. tracks 1,2,3 and 7 don’t appear to be working. Any chance these links can be fixed or maybe the files are available elsewhere? Thanks!

    • rgsc said,

      Hey Thomaso – I don’t know what happened there (the files just had a size of 0kb) but it is now fixed. Enjoy.

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