February 9, 2007

Cuff the Duke, Horseshoe Tavern, NxNE, Toronto, 7 July 2003

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photo by Brian Goldschmied taken at the Ottawa Tulip Festival.

Hey y’all.

Today I’m coming at ya from Houston, Texas and I can tell you that while I am sad to be missing a ton of great shows this weekend in Kingston I am not missing the snow and cold one little bit. Given my current locations I thought I might post something a bit (alt-) country, because here in Texas you see honest-to-goodness cowboys and the hats and pearl-button shirts are not just worn as an ironic fashion statment.

Kingston gets so many great acts coming to town sometimes we are spoiled for choice. Case in point is two great shows are going on concurrently on February 23rd. Ohbijou are playing the Artel while Cuff the Duke are hitting the Grad Club. I have my Ohbijou ticket but I am wondering if it might be possible to make both since Artel shows start early and things typically don’t get rolling over at the Grad Club until punk rock o’clock…certainly I will have to work out the logistics because Cuff the Duke are too good to pass up.  

If you need convincing that Cuff the Duke is worth hustling from one venue to the other, just take a listen to this live show recorded by CBC at the Horseshoe in Toronto which was part of the 2003 NxNE festival. The one-two punch of “Ballad of a Lonely Construction Worker” and “Blackheart” are worth the price of admission alone. One of the things that I love about Cuff the Duke is that they have some really heavyweight, emotion filled songs but also have a great sense of humour. Songs like “Girl of My Dreams” and “Poor Little Rich Kid” (are these the correct titles? I must admit that I just was guessing for these two) showcase their humour fantastically.

Alright kids. Enjoy this set and if you are lucky enough to be going to the Apostle of Hustle show tommorow let me know how it went. I’ll talk to you again next week when I’m back in the Great White North.

photo by Scene and Heard taken at NxNE, 2003

Cuff the Duke, Horseshoe Tavern, NxNE (CBC Radio Sonic), Toronto, 7 July 2003 

1. intro (title?).mp3
2. say hi to the CBC (talk).mp3
3. Hey Baby.mp3
4. Hobo Night Stalker.mp3
5. hard time getting back (talk).mp3
6. Ballad of a Lonely Construction Worker.mp3
7. have my baby, sir (talk).mp3
8. Blackheart.mp3
9. resentful ever since (talk).mp3
10. Poor Little Rich Kid Living in the ‘schwa (title?).mp3
11. where do you find a good two-foot around these parts? (talk).mp3
12. Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump/The Trouble and the Truth.mp3
13. do we know any more songs (talk).mp3
14. Girl of My Dreams (Don’t Dream About Me No More) (title?).mp3
15. more Jägermeister (talk).mp3
16. Lonely Path of Mine.mp3

Be sure to pick up Cuff the Duke’s great self-titled album and their earlier and equally great “Life Stories for Minimum Wage” which is being re-released on Feb. 13th by Outside Music.

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