February 6, 2007

Woolly Leaves Winners & Kingston Shows

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Congratulations to Lukas and Jessie who each have won a copy of Woolly Leaves’ album “Quiet Water.” Thanks to those who entered. If you didn’t win don’t fret, Zunior can hook you up in ways that I can’t match. Go there. Download. Be happy. Or see Woolly Leaves in person Saturday, February 10th with Chris Brown and Apostle of Hustle at the Grad Club and get the album in person.


If you are going to be in or around Kingston this week you should be pretty busy with all the concerts and stuff going on. Here’s a quick rundown: as mentioned before, Tokyo Police Club is tonight Feb. 6 at Alfies and on the 10th there is AoH, and I’m sure you already have your tickets for that.

Also tonight, at the Grad Club is Velvet Claws, PS I Love You, MCs from Slaves of Spanky, the Backyard Sex Band, & Stunlock Build, who are playing as part of the CFRC fundraiser.

Be sure to check out 1-Speed Bike tomorrow at Clark, a CFRC fundraising dance-stravaganza.

And speaking of the CFRC Fundraiser – DONATE! – you can get cds and all kinds of great stuff. One of the cds I got when made my donation was the Yoko Casiono‘s “These are the New Old Times” who are playing with Major Grange the Golden Dogs at the Grad Club on February 9th. It is going to be power-pop-tastic, I guarantee. Don’t want to take my word for it? Frank at Chromewaves saw them at their Toronto show and has this to say about Yoko Casionos: “Their power pop was tight, punchy and impressive with a handful of really catchy, standout songs,” and this about Golden Dogs: “if The Golden Dogs come through your town anytime soon, you should check them out – they play pop-rock music and are a lot of fun.” So there. Listen to Frank. Check them out. And check out this song, which has been pretty much on repeat in my car stereo since friday:

* Yoko Casionos, Cameras On.mp3

One more show that you should make note of is The Sweet Homewreckers who are playing at Clark Hall Pub on Feb. 8th (with Charlemagne). This group from Peterborough is known for its mid-90’s Halifax-style power pop. It features not one but two trumpets and that, in my books, is pretty fantastic. What I have heard is fun and poppy and catchy as all get-out. Definitely should be a show worth checking out. Visit their myspace and their NMC page to stream a whack of tracks. Here are two songs off their album “From the Letdown to the Comearound” that you can take home and cherish:

* The Sweet Homewreckers, Wild America.mp3

* The Sweet Homewreckers, Amplification.mp3

All right Kingstonians. Keep on rawking and check back on the weekend for your regularly scheduled dose of live music.


  1. Chad said,

    Thanks for the Sweet Homewreckers mention. They got a couple of nice reviews in Chart and Exclaim! this month.

    “instant classics for the Converse One Star set” – Exclaim!

    “The Sweet Homewreckers haven’t captured indie buzz band status yet, but this introduction… show[s] that they’ve got the potential to reach a wider audience somewhere not too far down the road.” – Chart

  2. Becca said,

    The Golden Dogs and Yoko Casionos show is definitely one worth checking out. I caught the London show last week and was absolutely blown away. High energy straight through. Another Yoko Casionos song everyone should check out is “Nice to Meet you” … it’s been running through my head the past couple of weeks. And ALL of the Golden Dogs albums are incredible.

  3. rgsc said,

    There you have it folks – another testimonial about the awesomness to be unleashed on the Grad Club. Do you have a YC/GD testimonial? Let me have it. Share the knowledge and the love.

    (This thread makes me very sad to be out of town that night, you all will have to go and let me know all about it).

    Thanks for the comment Becca. I have been really impressed with the YC album and by the Golden Dogs, too.

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