February 3, 2007

Tokyo Police Club, CBCRadio3 Session, Toronto, 17 May 2006

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Hey there hepcats,

This one is gonna be as brief as it is awesome. As you all surely know, Tokyo Police Club’s ep “A Lesson in Crime” was one of the best releases of 2006. This is quite a feat for such a young band, particularly given that the record lasts less than 18 minutes. But in those few precious minutes they pack in several lp’s worth of rawk. It is a stunning 7 songs filled with ridiculously catchy hooks, handclaps, and visions of a postapocalypic future where we are all enslaved by robots.

Come out to Alfies on Tuesday, February 6th, to see TPC kick it Newmarket-style – it will undoubtedly be legendary. Thanks to our beloved CBC we have a little something to get your handsclapping and your toes tapping. Enjoy.

Tokyo Police Club, CBCRadio3 Session, Studio 211, Toronto, 17 May 2006

1. Box.mp3

2. Citizens of Tommorow.mp3

3. Cut Cut Paste.mp3

4. Your English.mp3

5. A Lesson in Crime.mp3

6. Nature of the Experiment.mp3

7. Be Good.mp3

Learn A Lesson in Crime ( bad pun!) from PaperBagRecords


 A couple of things to note:

1. You still have time to enter the Woolly Leaves contest. Email gimmestuff.bootlog@gmail.com with your address. It is just that simple.

2. For those of you who I got all riled up about seeing Woolly Leaves with Apostle of Hustle you will have to cool your jets for a week: due to an illness the show on Feb. 3rd has been cancelled but AoH with Woolly Leaves and Chris Brown will be playing the February 10th show.  Get your tickets now, ‘case



  1. colin said,

    thanks a ton for this! I love these guys

  2. Franko said,

    This is fantastic. wahoooo.

  3. sumith said,

    thanks all!!

  4. colin said,

    I was wondering.. what do you use to capture the streams for downloading? I have my eye on a couple other CBC sessions off the radio 3 site.

  5. rgsc said,

    What and give away all my secrets!?!?!?!?

    Actually there isn’t much mystery to it. Typically I use the free Phonostar recorder which records off your soundcard – unless it is a real audio stream (lemme know if you want to know how to do that and i can find the link to the program i use which i don’t have in front of me now). That’s it. I listen and record and then edit and tag and share. Happy recording.

  6. colin said,


  7. maricrs said,

    All greetings!

  8. […] English" aus einer tollen Live Session, die frei zum Download bereit steht. Und zwar genau hier. Das lohnt sich. So nebenbei! __________________ "Ich htte nicht von Scotch zu Martinis […]

  9. choztown said,


  10. renaldo said,

    hey man, i would love to know how to rip real audio streams. Morning Becomes Eclectic does everything in RAS. much appreciated

  11. Awesome stuff! I’ve been to three of their shows and I absolutely love Tokyo Police Club.

  12. Mark from Newark said,

    Is there anywhere I can pay to download this?

  13. rgsc said,

    hey mark – ummmm. no, i don’t think so. But you can stream it free from the cbc radio 3 site http://radio3.cbc.ca/concerts/Tokyo-Police-Club-2006-05-17/ …or get it in mp3 format above.

    There have been 3 cds released of the CBCRadio3 Sessions (the last one in October. You can get them here:
    Vol. 1: http://www.cbcshop.ca/CBC/shopping/product.aspx?Product_ID=3011&Variant_ID=TRCD+3011&lang=en-CA
    Vol 2:
    (i don’t believe this one is commercially available – was just sent out to radio stations etc)
    and recently released:
    Vol. 3

    The song A Lesson In Crime can be found on Volume 3.

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