January 31, 2007

Woolly Leaves – contest, dates and a couple of tracks

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photo by Kevin Parnell from the 2005 Wavelengths Music Series

As great as the first Apostle of Hustle show at the Grad Club was (and it was really, really great) this Saturday’s show could very well top it. Not only will AoH be settling into their new material and have a few more shows under their belt, but the opening act will be fantastic Woolly Leaves.

Woolly Leaves is the work of Will Kidman of Constantines fame (yeah, I know, I fell in to the trap where anyone who mentions Woolly Leaves immediately references the Cons, which i am sure is tiresome). The two projects, however, are very different: where the Constantines are loud and raucous – rockn’roll through and through – Woolly Leaves is quite and contemplative.

This music is soft and intimate. With simple, but by no means unsophisticated, instrumentations – a gentle strum of the guitar here, some beatuful vocal harmonies there – Woolly Leaves draws you in. Kidman is confiding in you and you can’t help but be attentive. These songs make me want to get right up close to my speakers, pressing my ears against the felt, so he can whisper to me directly.

Listen for yourself:

* San Luis Rey.mp3

* People and the Planets.mp3

You can check out Woolly Leaves live this Saturday at the Grad Club. Get your tickets early – last weekend’s show was packed and I imagine this one will sell out. If you are not fortunate enough to live in the Kingston area, here are the complete tour listings:

Feb. 3 – Kingston – The Grad Club (with Apostle of Hustle)
Feb. 7 – Toronto – The Rivoli (with Apostle of Hustle)
Feb. 17 – Montreal – Casa De Popolo
Feb. 20 Toronto – The Drake

You can pick up the beautiful full-length release ‘Quite Waters’ through Outside Music and from digitally from Zunior.

Or if you’re lucky you can win it from me. The kind and generous folks at StageFright have provided me with a couple of copies of the album to give away to the b(oot)log faithful. Just send your name and mailing address to me at gimmestuff.bootlog@gmail.com with “Woolly Leaves Contest” in the subject line and I will randomly choose the winners. Got it? Ok then. The contest closes this Sunday, Feb. 5th, at noon (est) with the winners being notified shortly thereafter. Good luck.

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