January 26, 2007

Apostle of Hustle, CBC Radio3 Session/The Current, MPR Session

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photo by Kathryn, taken at the Mercury Lounge, NYC, March 8, 2005

On a day like today, which is c-c-c-c-cold, I feel I need a little Apostle of Hustle. These songs, which act as a sonic gateway to somewhere tropical, are like a cup of hot chocolate for the spirit. At times they saunter along; at others they move more briskly and with a definite purpose. They are filled with poetic lyrics which evoke hazy days where the most pressing concern is the arrival of the next round of mojitos. They are organic and expansive, captivating and entrancing.

To celebrate the release of “National Anthems of Nowhere,” AoH is doing two residencies: one in Toronto, which is to be expected, and less obviously, one in Kingston. I can only chalk it up to the charm, grace, and superduper kung fu booking abilities of Virginia over at the Grad Club for securing this. So, Kingston readers, starting tomorrow, Jan. 27, hustle over the Grad Club (man, that is a terrible pun. I apologize but I couldn’t resist) for the first of three Saturday evening engagements with special guests. Full tour dates are:

-27 Jan 2007 20:00
Grad Club Kingston, Ontario

-31 Jan 2007 22:00
The Rivoli Toronto, Ontario
-2 Feb 2007 20:00
Casbah Hamilton, Ontario
-3 Feb 2007 20:00
Grad Club Kingston, Ontario

-7 Feb 2007 22:00
The Rivoli Toronto, Ontario
-9 Feb 2007 19:00
Winterlude 2007 Ottawa, Ontario
-10 Feb 2007 20:00
Grad Club Kingston, Ontario

-15 Feb 2007 22:00
The Rivoli Toronto, Ontario

Excited? I am. To get you all in the mood here is not one but two radio sessions, one from the Ceeb and one from MPR’s The Current.

Apostle of Hustle, CBC Radio 3 Session, (date?)

1. Animal Fat.mp3
2. Energy of Death.mp3
3. Kings and Queens.mp3
4. Sleepwalking Ballad.mp3
5. Song for Lorca.mp3
6. Folkloric Feel.mp3
7. Cheap Like Sebastien.mp3

Apostle of Hustle, The Current, MPR, 15 March 2005

1. intro & dying onstage and singing with feet (talk).mp3
2. A Rent Boy Goes Down.mp3
3. anxiety dreams (talk).mp3
4. Animal Fat.mp3
5. i wish i wrote… and outro (talk).mp3

Be sure to get the NEW ALBUM (to be released February 6th, pre-order now) along with the old one and t-shirts and other awesome AoH stuff through our friends at Arts & Crafts or you can buy here to support MPR which is good for everyone.


  1. Oscar said,

    Very interesting site, read it all 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for these live sets, and the fact that the links are still good – Apostle of Hustle is one of my favorite newer bands right now – I got to see a very great set from them at sxsw and “National Anthem of Nowhere” is an album of the year for sure.

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