January 19, 2007

Matthew Barber, Indigo Books, Kingston, 23 February 2006

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You all know that Jill Barber is a b(oot)log favourite, but you may not be aware that her older brother, Matthew Barber, is also a fantastic singer-songwriter. He is a little more rockin’ than his sister but they often tread some of the same lyrical ground, namely, relationships, love and heartbreak. This acoustic set shows off the strength of Barber’s songwriting. Accompanied by a pedal steel guitar rather than on his full band, the Union Dues, the focus was placed fully on Barber’s narratives of loss and hope for a new start. Some of the killer hooks found on his recorded work were lost in these stripped down arrangements but what is lost in hooks is gained in immediacy. It was like a friend playing in your living room…if your friend had a ton of books and no furniture.
The set was drawn almost exclusively from his latest record “Sweet Nothing” with only two songs from his earlier releases (I ran out of tape for the last track so I provided the album version). There is some tape hiss (this recording was from my analogue days) but I hope it is not too distracting. Enjoy.

Matthew Barber, Indigo Books, Kingston, 23 February 2006

1. banner (talk).mp3
2. Soft One.mp3
3. Somewhere in Your Sleep (title?).mp3
4. everyone, this is Stew (talk).mp3
5. Love/Death.mp3 (you can find Jill’s cover of “Love/Death” here)
6. Awful Dream.mp3
7. troopers (talk).mp3
8. Water From a Tap.mp3
9. another driving song (talk).mp3
10. Morning Light.mp3
11. song about songwriting (talk).mp3
12. Easy to Fall.mp3
13. you’re not captive here (talk).mp3
14. Untitled.mp3
15. The Story of Your Life.mp3
16. secret record and kingston (talk).mp3

* The Beautiful Things That We Waste.mp3 (from “Means & Ends”)

You can get Barber’s records through Indigo. I recommend all three, particularly the ep “The Story of Your Life”.

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  1. […] you know, I recently posted about Jill Barber (did you go to the show? it was fantastic) and I have posted about the elder Barber in the not so distant past. If I want to feature all Barbers, all the time, you are just going to […]

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