January 5, 2007

As the Poets Affirm, Clark Hall Pub, Kingston, 2 December 2006

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photo by Ben of the Ottawa cd release show (from the band’s blog)

At the beginning of December, Ottawa’s As the Poets Affirm paid a visit to Kingston. Kingston’s music fans, however, were elseshere. Busy studying or something… I suppose this the trouble with playing a university town during exam time: it really cuts down on the casual concert goers. Despite a tiny and somewhat unenthusiastic audience, AtPA made a valiant attempt to showcase their new album “Awake.” The band’s stage show successfully translates their complex and carefully orchestrated sound into an energetic live performance. This came through in the best moments in this show, such as their performance of “Pan(Demonium)” and the Daft Punk cover where they really shined. Despite a lack-lustre atmosphere, a sparse and somewhat irritating audience, and technical difficulties which made for some lengthy pauses between songs, the music sounded great and they played a pretty cool show.

I am confident that AtPA will have a much better atmosphere in which to play when they open for Rock Plaza Central on January 13th as part of the Mocking Music Weekend Showcase.

As the Poets Affirm, Clark Hall Pub, Kingston, 2 December 2006

1. intro.mp3

2. title?.mp3

3. Awake Chaos.mp3

4. The Suburbs of a Secret.mp3

5. title?.mp3

6. Da Funk (Daft Punk cover).mp3

7. Pan (Demonium).mp3

8. title?.mp3

9. thanks (talk).mp3

10. title?.mp3

(as you can see I haven’t been able to identify four of the songs – listening to their albums I just can’t seem to pin them down tonight. Can anyone give me a hand with the titles?)

Be sure to pick up their new album (along with the previous two) from the always awesome Zunior.


  1. Derek said,

    Hi, like your blog. I’ll be back to checkout the tunes.

    Post a comment on my free live music site at http://www.theotherside1.co.uk/music/

    Include link to your blog .. get yourself more visitors.


  2. colin said,

    hey, this is pretty unrelated but are you going to be attending any of the apostle of hustle shows coming up?

  3. rgsc said,

    Hey Colin – I’m hoping to get to at least one if not a couple of the four AoH dates in Kingston. It looks like I will be away at least one of the days they are playing. Hopefully I can make it and, if I get a recording, you’ll know where to find it.

  4. colin said,

    that sounds great! enjoy the show(s).

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