December 31, 2006

Jon-Rae And The River, Grad Club, Kingston, 4 November 2006

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I was going to do a Top 10 shows I saw this year or something but I have been feeling a little lazy and list making is a surprising amount of work. Instead I will give you my top three – all three shows absolutely blew me away and it was pretty tough to rank them given how different they were. Anyway, here they are in descending ascending order:

3. Torngat at the Grad Club, 14 October. (I didn’t record this set, sadly, but they offer a bunch of live tracks on their site.) Outstanding instrumental indie-jazz-i don’t know how to describe it. The crowd was small but really quite into it – especially that dancing chick – she was crazy…and a little scary. They are working on a new album so hopefully they will be out on the road again soon.

2. Grizzly Bear and Final Fantasy at the Grad Club. I talked about it here. Look at that lineup. Utterly amazing. I don’t think I need to elaborate.

And in the number 1 spot (if you haven’t guessed from the title of the post): Jon-Rae and the River with Baby Eagle at the Grad Club.

photos by Miles from Nowhere who also has four videos from the night.

Jon-Rae and his compatriots win the number one spot due to the incredible amount of rawk they brought to Kingstons best (if tiniest) stage. It was rock n’ roll as it was meant to be: filled with booze and grit and sex and sweat and heartbreak and more booze. If you aren’t familiar with the band I tend to describe them as CCR if Janis Joplin sang with them. It is Southern Rock sang by a bespeckatcled dude from BC (now based out of Toronto), with a healthy dose of gospel but with more swearing than you would find in your average revival tent. The band was great, the backup/main vocals of Anne Rust-D’Eye were fantastic, and Jon-Rae Fletcher was all passion and soul. Even the softer moments were filled to the brim with emotion. The packed crowd was feeling it too. There was a great deal of fist-pumping and rocking out occurring in the audience. I think everyone in the room, on both sides of the mic, had a great time. If I had seen this show and/or heard their outstanding latest record “Knows What You Need” before submitting my hottest Canadian acts to I(heart)Music I am pretty sure they would have taken a pretty high spot on my list.

Tonight, Jon-Rae and the River are headlining a Indie Alterna Gospel Country Roots New Years Eve with Lullabye Arkestra (or The Kisses according to the Lee’s Palace site) & Horsey Craze. I have no doubt that it will be an outstanding show.

What ever you are up to tonight I hope you have a rockn’roll New Years filled with drunken, sloppy makeouts.

Jon-Rae And The River, Grad Club, Kingston, 4 November 2006

1. intro – we’re gonna start this song when Dave’s Ready (talk).mp3
2. Nice Room.mp3
3. Roll.mp3
4. Ghostsong.mp3
5. All that I Had.mp3
6. gimme an e and tuning (talk).mp3
7. Fuck Me.mp3
8. I have lost half of my voice (talk).mp3
9. When You Come Knocking.mp3
10. also know as ‘Tip Your Bartender’ (talk).mp3
11. Best of My Time.mp3
12. a weird time for a narrative (talk).mp3
13. Yong Man Meets Old Death.mp3
14. Nothing to Do.mp3
15. you guys were playing on two (talk).mp3
16. Eastern Migration.mp3
17. our new drumer. he fuckin’ rules (talk).mp3
18. Just One More.mp3
19. Downtown.mp3
20. just have one more (talk).mp3
21. When my Friends Get Together Songs in Harmony.mp3 [update: i totally blanked on the titled of this song before. This is the right one. you’ll have to fix the tags yourself]
22. you actually fucking saved my soul (talk).mp3
23. You Never Miss Your Water (Till The Well Runs Dry) (Otis Redding cover).mp3
24. glad you enjoyed it and It’s not gonna happen, Steve (talk).mp3
25. Two Hands.mp3
26. how many people are here from Kingston (talk).mp3
27. Hard in the City.mp3

Buy one of the best records of 2006 here. Also, be sure to pick up earlier Jon-Rae material from Permafrost and Deer and Bird.


  1. ekko said,

    Most excellent post, man. Love Jon-Rae.

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