December 23, 2006

Memphis, Grad Club, Kingston, 29 September 2006

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At the end of September Memphis played the Grad Club. It was their first time in Kingston and I have a feeling they won’t be rushing back. While they played a very good set the crowd was, unfortunately, not into it. They would just not shut up. Torq asked politely, begged, cajoled, bribed, and pointedly insulted but they wouldn’t pay attention. Given the typically soft, introspective music that Memphis had to offer it didn’t make for the best experience for those who were into the show and, I can only imagine, for the band. Perhaps they would have went over better on a different night of the week, I don’t know.  All I know is that this particular Friday night crowd was far from interested in music. It was their loss. Memphis played pretty much every track of their new album as well as a few from their previous one. Their music translated very well live, with rich textures behind Torq’s hushed delivery. Hopefully Memphis do come back and the next time they find an audience that will give them the attention they require and deserve.

Given that there is a ton of crowd noise on my recording I am just going to post the five best tracks of the set. It is just a small taste of Memphis live but I think it is fairly representative of their captivating live show (well, at least some of us there were captivated).

Don’t forget to send an email to for a chance to win a copy of Memphis’ new cd A Little Place in the Wilderness. Contest ends tomorrow, the 24th so you only have a few hours left. The winner will be announced sometime shortly after the contest closes.

Memphis, Grad Club, Kingston, 29 September 2006

* For Anyone Eighteen.mp3

* Incredibly Drunk on Whiskey.mp3

* 3:15 On The Last Day Of School.mp3

Into the Wild.mp3

* The Night Watchman.mp3

If you don’t win, be sure to pick up  A Little Place in the Wilderness and the 2004 release I Dreamed We Fell Apart from Paper Bag Records (you can stream the album on their site, too).

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  1. dramagrrl said,

    The Memphis show in Toronto went over about the same, unfortunately. Poor Torq had to threaten the crowd with death to get them to move forward and shut up, hee. In Ottawa, he was clearly dying from a severe cold of some sort and kept apologizing for not having much of a voice left, but the Ottawa crowd loved the show. Weird!

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