December 9, 2006

Land of Talk, AJs Alehouse, Kingston, 15 November 2006

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photo by photosapience from their Toronto show on Sept. 23, 2006

When Montreal’s Land of Talk opened for the Dears in November it was my second time seeing them. Despite having high expectations, when I saw Land of Talk open for Shout Out Out Out Out and Holy Fuck in September I was slightly underwhelmed. I am not sure what it was but I just wasn’t feeling it that night. However, I didn’t let that first impression sour me and I made sure I was at the Dears show good and early so I could give LoT another shake.

This time around I wasn’t at all disappointed. I was completely won over by their upfront, hookfilled songs. There is nothing really fancy or overwrought in their music (unlike the complex orchestrations of the night’s main act) but this doesn’t mean they were ever dull or predictable. The three-piece played solid rock tunes in which all the musical elements were distinctly featured, creating an extremely well balanced sound. The bass and drum work provided excellent foundations to feature the wonderful vocals of singer/guitarist Elizabeth Powell. What struck me most about her singing (something that has been reinforced in the many, many times I have listened to their cd) was the longing in her voice – a beautiful loneliness seems to fill most of their songs. Catchy, haunting, Land of Talk’s music stays with you long after you hear it.

They played most of the songs off their ep “Applause, Cheer, Boo, Hiss,” as well as a few unrecorded songs and were quite personable. As their set closed they were really beginning to hit their stride and I was left hoping for a few more songs.

Land of Talk, AJs Alehouse, Kingston, 15 November 2006

[Files removed at the label’s request]

1. Breaxxbaxxx.mp3
2. wonky (talk).mp3
3. Magnetic Hill.mp3
4. Sounding ok? (talk).mp3
5. Seafoam.mp3
6. cold in the basement (talk).mp3
7. Summer Special.mp3
8. good crowd/gauging our time (talk).mp3
9. Speak To Me Bones.mp3
10. a new one (talk).mp3
11. new song (title?).mp3
12. wicked guitar (talk).mp3
13. It’s Ok.mp3
14. does anyone here know who we are (talk).mp3
15. Death By Fire.mp3
16. All My Friends.mp3
17. Outro.mp3

Buy LoT’s excellent EP (one of the year’s best releases) from Dependent Music.

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