December 2, 2006

Shout Out Out Out Out, CBC Radio 3 Session, 27 September 2006

Posted in mp3, radio session at 1:12 pm by rgsc

all photos by Chris Frey

DAMMMIT!!!! Matthew totally beat me to this post. I wrote this yesterday but didn’t publish it (when we had torrential rain, today is actually quite nice). I guess we were on the same wavelength or something. Since i don’t have anything else ready at the moment I will post this and maybe give you something new midweek. Anyway, he digs it, I dig it, you should dig it too.


I don’t know about where you live, but it is downright miserable here. While it doesn’t feel quite like December you know that winter weather is on its way. So, to get you up and shakin’ here is some bouncy tunes from Shout Out Out Out Out courtesy of the Mother Corp. SOOOO packed the CBC studios in Vancouver with their keys and drums and madness, busting out two tracks from their full-length, the b-side to their first single from a while back, and a new song (well, at least new to me) cover of a Wilfred N. & The Grown Men song (my thanks to eli eli eli! for the info).

Shout Out Out Out Out, In Session at CBC Studio 2, Vancouver, 27 Sep 2006

1) Sad New Day (Wilfred N. & The Grown Men cover).mp3

2) Dude, Do You Feel Electrical?.mp3

3) Forever Indebted.mp3

4) Tiiired.mp3

Wanna keep dancing? Buy the records. And if you are in Edmonton for New Year’s Eve you would be the biggest lame-o around if you didn’t ring in the ’07 with SOOOO and MSTRKFT. Hottest party ever? Most likely.


  1. rgsc said,

    I take back what I said about it being nice out – it is now snowing.

    Also, does anyone know if “Sad New Day” is a cover?

  2. mike said,

    What’ s wrong with snow?

  3. rgsc said,

    Well, its not just the snow (which only lasted a few minutes) but it went from being really bright and sunny to being dark and snowy. Just a fairly rapid change from kinda nice to not so nice. I must admit that I am not a huge fan of snow – i deal with it but certainly am not the type to wish for it.

  4. Chris said,

    It snowed a lot here at the start of the week. And the city has been having troubles getting enough clearing crews on the roads and paths, so it’s all ice now. And then the wind chill was -42.

    Aha! Trump!

  5. Roland said,

    No snow in NYC as of yet, but it poured for about half an hour on Friday (precisely when I was walking outside, of course). Since then, it’s been freezing, but I guess it’s not as bad as you snow-endowed people. Thanks for this set; CBC Radio does a really good job. Keep up the good work.

  6. eli eli eli! said,

    Yes, “Sad New Day” is a cover of a song by Wilfred N. & The Grown Men, an early 80s Canadian Synth band that Nik’s Dad Wilf fronted…

  7. rgsc said,

    Hey Chris – yeah, I really have nothing to complain about weatherwise. It has been unusually warm and only now feeling winter-ish. The snow we got didn’t even stay around (although I was a little north of kingston today and they had some snow on the ground). The western provinces have had a tough go of it weatherwise lately. I should just be thankful there hasn’t been any freezing rain or anything…yet.

    Hey Eli Eli Eli! – thanks for the info. greatly appreciated.

  8. Angela said,

    Hey! Thanks for letting me know you put these up. Although, like you mentioned above, I did grab them from iheartmusic, I didn’t know that ‘Sad New Day’ was a cover until now! Thanks!

  9. matthew said,

    I didn’t know it was a cover either, so you totally beat me in that sense.

    But I still posted it first. Nyah nyah! 😉

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