November 24, 2006

Habitat, Grad Club, Kingston, 17 November 2006

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Photos by BramptonBoi taken at Sneaky Dee’s, Toronto,20 November 2006

Last Friday I went out to see Canada’s Best New Band only to hear that their van broke down outside of Toronto. While it was disappointing that I didn’t get to see Ohbijou, the trip to the Grad Club was more than worth while as the supporting act, Guelph’s Habitat, stepped up to the challenge of headlining and were absolutely fantastic. Habitat is Sylvie Smith and John O’Regan who both play keyboards and sing. Backed by ipod-based beats, they dish out some rather retro and very poppy, fun songs. Despite their synthy veneers, these songs aren’t pure confection, however. There is real weight and emotion in their vocals, particularly in their standout set closer “Next Year”. The duo’s harmonies are wonderful – with Smith’s vocals being particularly notable for their warmth – and they are extremely tight. The six-song set was augmented by a game of Kingston-based trivia which Smith and O’Regan put together before the show. Although the questions weren’t that tough (or we were all just really, really smart) it was fun to play along, even if my table did totally get screwed on the prize front. Some people in the audience need to learn how to share their candy. Anyway, with their combination of three of my favourite things – boy-girl vocals, trivia and candy – Habitat put on a really great show. Check ’em out if you have a chance.

1) (title? “Goin’ Drinking”).mp3

2) Nich Worby is a hero talk.mp3

3) Mess it Up.mp3

4) Kingston Triva part 1 talk.mp3

5) Concrete Love.mp3

6) Kingston Trivia part 2.mp3

7) When You’re Gone (Bryan Adams cover).mp3 [removed 29 Oct 2008 following a DCMA request by Web Sheriff on behalf of Bryan Adams…yeah…]

8 ) snow song intro talk.mp3

9) Snow Song.mp3

10) Kingston Trivia part 3.mp3

11) Next Year.mp3

Habitat have an stunning ep in a beautiful hand-made sleeve which I am sure they will sell you if you contact them through their myspace page.


  1. Cy said,

    Offtopic, but thought you’d like to know – New Jason Collett material over at CBC Radio 3 from an In-Studio Session in Vancouver in March. 🙂

  2. mike said,

    Thanks for this. Been wanting to check out these guys. Good to hear anything Barmitzvah Brothers related. I can relate with the broke down van. Barmitzvah’s were supposed to come to Windsor but their van broke down. Big time bummer. Anyways keep up the good work.

  3. Styeiles said,

    hey that guy is in the band the D`ubervilles too!

  4. Roland said,

    This is really fun, appealing stuff! Thanks a lot and keep up the good work.

  5. matthew said,

    “hey that guy is in the band the D`ubervilles too!”

    He’s also in Spy Machine 16! Which means Habitat is almost like a supergroup, even though it only has two members…

  6. rgsc said,

    Hey Cy – thanks for the heads up with the Jason Collett – going to see him tonight!

    Hey Mike – how is Habitat related to Barmitzvah Bros? both from Guelph?

    Hey Styleies – he is indeed. D’Urbs rocked my socks off a little while back. I didn’t realize that John O’Regan was in this band too. Which brings me to:

    Hey Matthew – I also didn’t realize that he was in Spy Machine 16, who i was introduced to on your site and dig quite a bit. It might be a bit of a stretch to call Habitat a supergroup but they are kinda super.

    Hey Roland – glad you like it.

  7. mike said,

    sylvie is in the barmitzvah brothers (just getting around to downloading it now)

    still gotta check out ohijibou (or however it’s spelled) on my way to work so don’t want to look it up.

    thanks again.

  8. rgsc said,

    Is she? Jenny Mitchell is the lead along with the two guys – does Sylvie play with them live (i haven’t seen them yet).

    Definitely check out Ohbijou.

  9. rgsc said,

    Ahh – just found it on the Weewerk site (the barmitzah bros. site is down):
    “Guest players: The Lethargians (Sister Caitlin Hurst and Sylvie Smith) – percussion, keyboards”.

  10. […] Rodney’s got alive Habitat set from the Grad Club, including a mind-bendingly awesome cover of Bryan Adams’ ‘When You’re Gone’. […]

  11. Paul said,

    Habitat is wonderful! They are going to be playing in Oshawa soon with another really awesome band you should check out, forest city lovers…they are good, i have a feeling you’ll like them

  12. Lindsey said,

    Saw Habitat/Ohbijou (& Jetplanes of Abraham) in Wakefield last week, have been obsessed with Habitat since.

  13. […] to take down a file, specifically, a cover of a Bryan Adams song by Habitat which was featured here. This isn’t the first time I’ve been asked to take something down but it is the first […]

  14. Ming Wu said,

    I didn’t know John from The D’Urbs was in that band.

  15. Karen Myers said,


  16. Jamie said,

    I’m a big fan of Habitat, and i’d love to hear the Bryan Adams cover. Could you please email it to me? I’m dying to hear it.

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