November 3, 2006

Sarah Harmer, Grant Hall, Kingston, 22 October 2006, part 1

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Photo by Jukerr.

Our hometown hero, Sarah Harmer returned to Kingston close to a year after her previous visit to perform another stunningly beautiful show. In fact, I think it may have been an almost perfectly picked set – ok, I would have added is a few Weeping Tile songs, but that’s just me, otherwise it was fantastic. Ms. Harmer was quite chatty and rather funny except when she was discussing serious matter like trying to save one of the oldest tree east of the Rockies – HEY LOOK! There will be a benefit concert on November 5th go! And donate online to this cause!. Both Sarah and her band sounded amazing, as we’ve come to expect. Even after a weekend bender and driving seven or so hours coming back from Hershey PA – perhaps the happiest place on earth, I might add. The town smells like freshly baked brownies – I am so glad I was able to get tickets at the last minute as I, and the entire crowed, were treated to a mesmerizing performance.

A note about the tape – the sound was pretty quiet in Grant Hall so it the volume is a bit low on the recording. There is a tape hiss which I couldn’t quite get rid of completely (it is particularly noticeable in the talking bits) but I don’t think it should detract from your listening pleasure. If you are a real stickler you may want to test out one track before getting the whole thing. Stop by next week for the second half of the set.

Sarah Harmer, Grant Hall, Kingston, 22 October 2006

1) I am Aglow.mp3
2) Pendulums.mp3
3) Oleander intro.mp3
4) Oleander.mp3
5) what happened to the plant talk.mp3
6) Around This Corner.mp3
7) Gone for Good (Shins cover).mp3
8 ) our man of all trades talk.mp3
9) The Ring.mp3
10) Dolly talk.mp3
11) Will He Be Waiting for Me?.mp3
12) isn’t every song a drinking song? talk.mp3
13) Uniform Grey.mp3
14) Luther talk.mp3
15) Luther’s Got The Blues.mp3
16) oldest tree talk.mp3
17) Tether.mp3
18) Greeting Card Aisle.mp3

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  1. Tim Duffy said,

    Many thanks for sharing this Sarah Harmer recording. I only previously had the Schubas Tavern and shortened CBS recordings. I was introduced to the delights of Canadian music by my cousin in Edmonton 10 years ago, ie Jann Arden and Blue Rodeo. Two years ago I moved from England to the musical desert that is Australia. In that time I have seen one Canadian act – Kathleen Edwards in a packed out Melbourne pub. I was spoilt in England – seen Kathleen Edwards, Oh S, Tanyas, Po Girl etc numerous times. If you ever speak to the likes of Sarah Harmer, can you let them know that there is an audience down here for them as Kathleen Edwards found out. Once again appreciate the recording.

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