October 29, 2006

The Dears, The Current, MPR, 3 June 2005

Posted in mp3, radio session at 10:04 pm by rgsc

UPDATE: Hey folks, me again. I have jumped ship, leaving ezarchive for my own server. I have updated the files below (and added the interview files) so they now reside at my new home – B(oot)log Radio. As you can see, there is nothing there at the moment except a picture of a monkey but I plan to move this site over there so stay tuned. The files from previous posts will be migrated there or will be updated on my ezarchive account which i have until the end of april or something. Anyway, some big changes are ahead just thought I’d let you know. Hopefully my past posts will sort themselves out before too long.  Cheers, r.


I really didn’t plan on posting this (and I don’t particularly like doing two MPR sets in a row) but Ezarchive is undergoing an upgrade which is really fucking things up. I wasn’t able to upload the files for my planned post and I am not really sure the files I did upload in lieu of it are even working. Please let me know if you have any problems. Anyway, because of Ezarchive’s nonsense, I needed something fairly small that was ready and here we are, back to The Dears. Nothing really has changed since the last time I posted about them – same powerful vocals and sweeping orchestrations. Glorious, emotional and dramatic pretty much sums it up. What is new is that their tour supporting the new album is swinging through Kingston – they are coming to AJ’s on November 15th. I haven’t seen them live yet so I am looking forward to this show. I am just posting the songs from the set today but will add the interview bits later (does anyone even listen to the talk-y bits? am I wasting my time?). Anyway, I hope this works. Things may be messed up for a while around here. I am working on it so please bear with me.

The Dears, The Current, MPR, 3 June 2005

1) Murray on Canadian Radio.mp3

2) The Second Part.mp3

3) Murray learns to play guitar.mp3

4) Who Are You, Defenders Of The Universe.mp3

5) Murray on being a tyrant.mp3

6) We Can Have It.mp3

7) outro.mp3

Buy The Dears through MPR.



  1. Roland said,

    It’s working, thanks. Hopefully, EZArchive will sort things out sooner than later. Whenever you get the chance, check your gmail. 🙂

    Keep up the good work.

  2. anoreasse said,

    i love is it.
    Merry christmas !

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