September 17, 2006

Grizzly Bear, BBC6 Music, 8 Sept 2006/BBC Radio 1, 14 Sept 2006

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(photos from Grizzly Bear’s show at the Grad Club, Kingston, April 11, 2006)

‘Twas a busy week and I haven’t been able to devote too much time to b(oot)logging so this will be short and sweet. While on tour in the UK while promoting their stunning new album, “Yellow House,” Grizzly Bear were invited over to the BBC twice to perform and enchant. They offered up an acoustic set from the The Hub with Gideon Coe and, a week later, a set from Maida Vale Studio which aired on Rob da Bank. They are touring throughout North America (including shows in Toronto and Montreal) and I highly recommend checking them out. That’s it from me until next week. Enjoy.

Grizzly Bear, The Hub, Gideon Coe, BBC6 Music, 8 Septemeber 2006

1) intro.mp3 (0.5 MB)

2) Plans.mp3 (3.24 MB)

3) interview.mp3 (4.17 MB)

4) Knife.mp3 (3.27 MB)

5) outro.mp3 (0.4 MB)

Grizzly Bear, Maida Vale Studio, Rob da Bank, BBC Radio 1, 14 September 2006

1) intro.mp3 (0.4 MB)

2) Lullabye.mp3 (5.03 MB)

3) Knife.mp3 (3.49 MB)

4) On a Neck, On a Spit.mp3 (6.26 MB)

Buy Yellow House here.



  1. Theo said,

    I Like this blog, nice radio sessions to.
    I have also find a lot of radio sessions on my blog, even a nice radio session from Grizzly Bear: >. This session was broadcasted on the Belgian radio.

  2. thedisavowed said,

    Thanks for the tunes brother. I bought Horn of Plenty and Yellow House and I still can’t get enough.

  3. thedisavowed said,

    Oh, are there are any other live Grizzly shows out there that you know of other than their KEXP gig?

  4. rgsc said,

    Hey thanks for pointing me to your site, Theo. That Belgian session is great.

    thedisavowed – i refer you to Theo. Other than that one, my bbc ones, and the KEXP sessions (there are two, including one posted just today) check out the amazing “Concert a emporter” at La Blogotheque –

    it is amazing.

    I haven’t seen anything on dimeadozen or on any other blogs but as GB gets bigger i am sure some more live stuff will appear (i am kicking myself for not taping them when i saw them with Final Fantasy)

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