August 12, 2006

The Stills, World Cafe, NPR, 9 August 2006/The Current, MPR, 14 April 2006

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I’ll be perfectly honest with you all: I’m not really a huge fan of The Stills. That is not to say that I dislike them by any means, its just that I really never have paid them too much attention. I am not entirely sure why. Every once in a while one of their songs will pop up on my shuffled playlist and inevitable my interest is piqued and I will have to check the track info to see who the artist is. But I really haven’t put any effort into appreciating the band. I suppose we all do that at times, when we acknowledge that something is worth further investigation but never really moving beyond that point. The Stills’ performance this week on NPR’s World Cafe (and the acoustic MPR session that I happened to come across today as well) has made me pay a little more attention to the band than I have before. My initial reaction to them has be reaffirmed. This is something I could, and perhaps should, get behind. It is rather straight forward guitar driven indie-rock, with some organ/synth/piano flourishes that I dig. Perhaps now I’ll give them their due. Or, at the very least, I will continue to enjoy them when they randomly pop up.

The Stills, World Cafe, NPR, 9 August 2006

1) intro.mp3 (0.4 MB)

2) In the Beginning.mp3 (5.03 MB)

3) interview 1.mp3 (2.83 MB)

4) Helicopters.mp3 (3.96 MB)

5) interview 2.mp3 (3.09 MB)

6) Lola Stars and Stripes.mp3 (3.65 MB)

7) outro.mp3 (0.4 MB)

The Stills, The Current, MPR , 14 April 2006

1) In The Beginning.mp3 (2.8 MB)

2) interview 1.mp3 (2.7 MB)

3) She’s Walking Out.mp3 (2.99 MB)

4) interview 2.mp3 (2.64 MB)

5) Oh Shoplifter.mp3 (3.18 MB)

Investigate The Stills further yourself and help support Public Radio at the same time.


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