July 25, 2006

Shout Out Out Out Out’s Album is Out Out Out Out Today

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I have to say Shout Out Out Out Out‘s album “Not Saying/Just Saying” counts as my most highly anticipated album of 2006. And guess what? My waiting is over because it is out today. The sound is heavily layered with vocoder vocals, four bass guitars, two drummers and enough synths to sink a small pleasure craft. It is electro-dance-rock which will make you move.

Do yourself a favour and get this album (already called “One of the best Canadian releases of the summer“) and definitely see them live if you have a chance. Here is what I said when I first witnessed the spectacle last October:

All in all I counted 6 band members….and 9 audience members. However, it was Kingston’s loss that they missed Shout Out^4 as they were absolutely unbelievable. I hadn’t a clue what to expect. The lead singer/knob-fiddler Nik Kozub was part of Luke Doucet’s former band Veal and he played a song with Doucet at the end of that set. The Whitey Houston guys were onstage as well as a number of others. There were two drum sets, four bass guitars, many keyboards, synths, and other devices that emitted awesome sounds. They bill themselves as a dance band (because I know essentially nothing of the genre my immediate point of comparison would be Daft Punk) but they rocked out seriously. Everyone on stage gave it their all and put on quite a show, despite most of the remaining audience was not terribly interested in dancing at first. By the end of it we all were up grooving. I really enjoyed their set and I really respect the fact that they played their guts out despite the fact that there was essentially no one there and after, so we were informed, their tour van broke down earlier in the day.

They rocked my socks off. Check it out for yourself:

* Forever Indebted.mp3 (5.19 MB) [from “Not Saying/Just Saying”]
* Nobody Calls Me Unless They Want Something.mp3 (6.56 MB) [from the 12″ of the same name].

Get Edmonton’s hottest export from Six Shooter Records (well, actually it isn’t listed in their store yet. In the meantime you can get it here. Update: it is now available at Six Shooter.)


  1. Chrisk said,

    9 people? Ha. When the Exclaim tour rolled into hometown Edmonton, they played two nights in a row, and it was packed both nights (and rocking both nights). When the CBC Radio 3 tour stopped in to the same venue, with Eve Cournoyer, Twin Fangs, and Shout Out Out Out Out, the line-up outside started several hours before the doors (and it was already an RSVP show, and it was snowing, too). The place was sweaty and loud. Speaking of which, that show was aired live on CBC Radio 3 (and they were playing the radio over the PA between sets–it was pretty neat to hear Tariq talking about the show that you’re at): is that show somewhere on this blog?

  2. rgsc said,

    Yeah, that sounds much better – and much more deserved. It was pretty sad here. Fembots and Luke Doucet had a decent turnout (especially since it was a mid-week show) but Whitey Houston had me, two guys not paying attention, and two SOOOO guys in the audience. They were awesome, too, though. I think the biggest problem was that SOOOO weren’t/aren’t really known here, although I expect now that the album is out that might change. Apparently they get really good turnouts in Toronto.

    Sorry, I missed that show. I’ll keep my eyes out for it, though.

  3. Richard said,


    Sorry that this comment is not relevant to the post above but I could find another way to send you a message.

    I was just wondering how easy it is to get a recorder in at The Docks in Toronto? I notice you have made some recording at the venue. I’ll be there on Sunday night and hope to take my my MD recorder in. I’ve never been there before and don’t know what level of security they have etc… Since I’ll be travelling quite a way to be there I don’t want to risk getting turned away at the door. Any tips would be appreciated.

    Thanks and sorry to de – rail your post.

    Great site by the way!

    (Rochester, NY)


  4. rgsc said,

    Hi Richard from Rochester,
    During my one experience with the Docks I had no problem getting in with my recorder – i wasn’t searched or anything (I had it in the pocket of my jacket, if you plan on bringing it in a bag you might be searched, i dunno). Basically security was just taking tickets and checking id. I can’t promise that this will be the case on Sunday but I had no problem at all.

    Since this is your first time going to the Docks you should be warned this is potentially the shittiest venue for concerts ever. It is way out in the middle of no where and has a really bizarre set up. Plan to get their early for to get a best spot. Where I was (waaaaaaaaaaaaay at the back) the sound was terrible.

    Best of luck and I hope you enjoy Muse)

  5. Richard said,

    Thanks a lot for the advise. It’s always good to get an idea of what kind of security to expect beforehand. Sounds like it should be no problem at the Docks.

    I have heard bad things about the Docks as a venue before. I was hoping that Muse might play Massey Hall this time around and was surprised that it turned out to be the Docks in the end (strange choice when there are so many other good venues in the city).

    In any case we’ll get there early to try and snag a good spot.

    Thanks again!


  6. […] A little while ago I posted about Shout Out Out Out Out’s album and recounted my experience with the band the last time they played town. I was blown away with their show then and am extremely please to say that the presence of an actual audience this time around only served to improve their performance. […]

  7. Big Ronny G said,

    I watched the Shout Out Out Out Out’s in Kingston a couple weeks ago… I had never heard them or anything before the show… I am now a fan, they rocked the place out.. the croud was not that big but still a damm good show. I will go see them again. WICKED AWESOME

  8. rgsc said,

    Hey Big Ronny,
    It was a pretty awesome set, eh. Glad to see they are converting the masses with their rockin’ robo-dance music. Did you check out my post from this week? I recorded the ktown show. It rulz, if i do say so myself.

  9. theo said,

    i live where clint grew up he gave me drumming lessons his mom is penny his mom riley his brother emma his sister im rileys friend

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