July 23, 2006

Tangiers, CBC Radio 3 Session, 19 August 2004

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Toronto’s Tangiers are one of the premier rock acts around although they haven’t, yet, hit it big. They’ve been called post-punk and “neo-garage” and people seem to have a lot of fun tracing out their varied influences. But it is too damn hot for me to worry about compartmentalizing them at the moment. You want some excellent Canadian rock? You like crisp drumming, jangly guitars and some nifty organ work? Then here you go.

Tangiers’ sound has evolved quite a bit over their three albums and this session for CBCRadio3 draws from their then newly released sophomore album “Never Bring You Pleasure.”

Tangiers, Studio 211 Toronto, CBC Radio3 Session, 19 August 2004

1) I Don’t Love You.mp3 (3.6 MB)

2) Tropical Ceremony.mp3 (2.69 MB)

3) Walk Run Walk.mp3 (4.39 MB)

4) Love Rackets.mp3 (2.57 MB)

5) Spine to Necklace.mp3 (3.44 MB)

6) Ro Ro Roland.mp3 (4.22 MB)

Get their most recent record “The Family Myth”.

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