July 10, 2006

The Weakerthans & Sarah Harmer at Glenn Gould Studio – the missing tracks

Posted in mp3, radio session at 10:12 am by rgsc

In November Sarah Harmer and the Weakerthans peformed were brought together in concert by the CBC. I was able to get most of the show in a rebroadcast but they cut out a few amazing tracks. I put out a plea looking for the rest and a recent rebroadcast of the original (complete) show was recorded by b(oot)log reader Craig, who was kind enough to send me the tracks to share with you all. So Craig, you are hearby awarded the “b(oot)log order of merit for you alertness and generosity.” You are my new personal hero. Thanks very much and I hope everyone enjoys.

[UPDATE: as reader Chrisk correctly observed, I have consistently dropping the second “n” from Glenn Gould’s name. Thanks for correcting me – Gould was a fantastic musician and I should have paid more attention to my spelling]

The Weakerthans & Sarah Harmer, CBC Onstage, Glenn Gould Studio, Toronto, 18 November 2005

6) The Weakerthans, Judy G (Weeping Tile/Sarah Harmer cover).mp3 (4.04 MB)

2) Sarah Harmer, In a Town This Size (Dolores Keane cover).mp3 (3.02 MB)

4) Sarah Harmer, Left and Leaving (The Weakerthans cover).mp3 (5.11 MB)

6) Sarah Harmer, Took It All/Claire (Rheostatics cover).mp3 (5.91 MB)

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  1. Chrisk said,

    While I certainly appreciate you posting this (thereby stemming my desire to kick myself for missing it twice and saving me from great mental anguish), I am, good music notwithstanding, bothered greatly by the large number of times you’ve misspelled Glenn Gould. Gould was a great musician too, you know.

  2. sarina said,

    thank you so much for getting these recordings out there. 🙂

  3. Rob said,

    so… can u tell me whats the real order of all the songs

  4. Rob said,

    so… can u tell me whats the real order of all the songs?

  5. rgsc said,

    Hi Rob,
    Here is the complete set list (as broadcast):

    The Weakerthans
    John K Sampson, guitar/vocals
    Stephen Carroll, lead guitar, pedal steel guitar
    Greg Smith, bass
    John Tait, drums / vibraphone

    1 My Favourite Chords (The Weakerthans) 4:10 / :21
    2 Reconstruction Site (The Weakerthans) 2:45 / :19
    3 Psalm for the Elks Lodge Last Call (The Weakerthans) 2:42 / :20
    4 Utilities (The Weakerthans) 4:05 / :05
    5 Night Windows (The Weakerthans) 4:25 / :46
    6 Judy G (Sarah Harmer) 3:44 / :36
    7 Swinging Party (The Replacements) 3:54 / :28
    guest vocalist Sarah Harmer
    8 Reasons (The Weakerthans) 3:46 / :19
    9 Past-Due (The Weakerthans) 2:29 / 1:30


    Sarah Harmer, guitar/vocals
    Danny Michel, lead guitar
    Julie MacDonald, keyboards and vocals
    John Dinsmore, bass
    Dean Stone, drums

    1 I am Aglow (Sarah Harmer) 2:45 / :18
    2 In a Town this Size (Dolores Keane) 2:51 / :47
    guest vocalist John K. Sampson
    3 Escarpment Blues (Sarah Harmer) 4:06 / 1:13
    4 Left and Leaving (The Weakerthans) 4:42 / :05
    5 Weakened State (Sarah Harmer) 3:26 / :26
    6 Took it All (Sarah Harmer) / Claire (Rheostatics) 5:52 / :39
    7 Islands in the Stream (Bee Gees) * 4:34 / :21
    guest vocalist John K Sampson
    8 Gone for Good (The Shins) * 3:52 / :17
    9 I’m a Mountain (Sarah Harmer) * 3:11 / :53
    10 Lodestar (Sarah Harmer) 5:29 / :33

  6. Rob said,

    Thank You very, very much, man.

    I was waiting for this.

  7. Benji said,

    OH MY GOD! Thank you so much; I didn’t know if I could live the rest of my life without ever hearing Sarah’s cover of Left and Leaving. I heard that rebroadcast but I was in the car, I was still thankful I caught it. Soon after I scoured the internet but found nothing…I had lost hope in the internet as a source for finding obscure things such as this, but thankfully I was wrong! Thank you thank you endlessly!

  8. L said,

    Goodness, gracious, these tunes are amazing! Also, I found the previous tracks and I can’t say it better than Craig, so I quote: “I’m soooooo in heaven that you had this and that the files are still downloadable [Both here and your April posting].Thankyouthankyouthankyou…

  9. […] UPDATE: Utilities and Lodestar links fixed. UPDATE2: get the missing tracks here […]

  10. Jamie said,

    Files STILL exist. \o/

    Thanks so much.

  11. BHodges said,

    Many many thanks for still hosting this stuff.

  12. JipC said,

    Hey, im new to here and its amazing, this post in particular is the bestest! Is anyone else getting little clicking sounds on these downloads? But thanks and its mucho appreciado x

  13. rgsc said,

    Hey JipC – I haven’t listened to these tracks in a while but I seem to recall there were some “popping” sounds or other noise that came through the radio stream that this was recorded off of.

  14. Erik said,

    Hey – it’s been SIX, yes 6 years since the last post, but I just discovered the classic song “Claire” by the Rheostatics for the film ‘Whale Music’ – truely a gem!

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