July 9, 2006

Gogol Bordello, NPR, 29 April 2006/BBC6, 6 July 2006

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Energetic and raucous, Gogol Bordello bring it like no others. They are fierce and passionate: they are gypsy punks. Gogol Bordello have accordians and aren’t afraid to use them – you do not want to mess with them.

Unfortunately I have not witnessed the spectacle of their legendary live show but in a next-best thing scenario I give you their studio sessions at NPR and, from this past Thursday, a session with Gideon Coe.

Gogol Bordello, All Things Considered, NPR, 29 April 2006

1) Intro and Interview pt. 1.mp3 (2.23 MB)

2) Dying After You (traditional Gypsy song).mp3 (1.98 MB)

3) Interview part 2.mp3 (4.69 MB)

4) Avenue B.mp3 (1.74 MB)

5) Interview part 3 & Outro.mp3 (0.99 MB)

6) Superconducting Supercollider.mp3 (2.54 MB)

7) Greencard Husband.mp3 (1.37 MB)

Gogol Bordello, Gideon Coe, BBC6, 6 July 2006

1) intro.mp3 (0.3 MB)
2) Avenue B.mp3 (2.83 MB)
3) Interview. mp3 (5.25 MB)
4) My Strange Uncles from Abroad.mp3 (3.48 MB)
5) outro.mp3 (0.3 MB)

* Troubled Friends.mp3 (live from the Casbah, San Diego, 18 May 2004; via GB’s site, get it on eMusic)

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  1. jenanne said,

    beautiful! thank you so much for posting these!

  2. Skiergirl said,

    Thanks for the Gogol Bordello stuff. I have seen them live and they blew me away!!! Best live act I’ve ever seen, can’t wait to catch them again.

  3. Peacefish said,

    You have no idea how long i have been looking for this song(Traditional Gypsy song)!!!

    Thank You ever so much!!!

  4. Ivan said,

    Thank God for people from Central/Eastern Europe and Ukranian craziness. Their music has so much Russian/Ukranian musical flair and the gypsified (rather people’s music) flair.

    It is a completely different (unpolished and rough and powerful) feel of liberation, of expression, unheard of in the West. And let’s remember — thanks to the Ukranians bringing the authentic Carpathian flair!!!

    Rock on. If you are fans of that music, try finding other Russian/Ukranian Carpathian music (not pop, but old time acoustic guitars and Roma songs) — whooh!

    ALSO: the term gypsy or Roma is very braod, so Gogol Bordello don’t represent a very broad range of the Roma style/art/music. If you go west/south or very west or southwest of Ukraine, you are gonna run into completely different feel: different craziness, different beats, instruments, even, uneven, more oriental, etc. etc.

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