June 10, 2006

Stars, Other Voices, RTE Television, 15 February 2006

Posted in mp3, tv performance at 2:53 pm by rgsc

I am in front of a computer located somewhere in the wilds of south-western Ontario after a weeklong bender, um, i mean conference, in Hamilton. Through rather bleary eyes I see that b(oot)log has been nominated in The Torture Garden’s Unnecessary and Completely Arbitrary Blog Awards in the Best ‘Young’ Blog category along with two much better blogs than mine – Cable & Tweed and Rbally (seriously, they are much, much better, go read them). Colour me flattered. While perhaps arbitrary and unneccessary, it is nice to see that others are digging what you are doing so thanks for the nod, Shane.

And now, on to the music which, coincidentally, has an Irish connection: Stars were interviewed and performed live on Ireland’s RTE Television’s Other Voices earlier this year. Knowing that I would be away all week but not wanting to miss my weekly post I uploaded the tracks in advance but didn’t have time to write anything about it. Thankfully, the content is pretty self-explanatory because while I would love to add something profound and/or witty, my brain is feeling a little soggy after spending the last several days discussing the Philosophy of Archives (and making the most of the several open bars provided) so I’ve got nothing. Enjoy the Stars. Perhaps I will be back next week with something enlightening to offer…but I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you. I don’t think it has happened yet so why should next week be any different?

For a very good recording of Stars’ recent show in Berlin visit Don’t Pay for Drinks. Huzzah for more Stars!

Stars, Other Voices, RTE Television, Ireland, 15 February 2006

1) On the state of Canadian music talk.mp3 (1.77 MB)

2) One More Night.mp3 (4.08 MB)

3) describing their music talk.mp3 (0.8 MB)

4) Calendar Girls.mp3 (3.8 MB)

Buy Stars albums etc. through Arts&Crafts.

Completely Unrelated Bonus Song: Tokyo Police Club – Cheer it On.mp3.

I thought I would throw this one on because I am sad to have missed their show in Kingston the other day and because I am currently listening to their album very, very loudly which is the best way to listen to songs about robots in my opinion. (buy from Paper Bag Records)


  1. shane said,

    Thank you. I remember being really pissed that I missed Stars on Other Voices, so I appreciate this especially.

  2. Mike said,

    Stars are most definitely one of the more underrated bands out there. great live band as well it seems. good post.

  3. thank you for linking to my blog. I just uploaded another berlin/canada bootleg: the most serene republic (this way, please: dontpayforthedrinks.blogspot.com)

    btw, there’s a high quality STARS video stream of their august 2005 show in amsterdam on http://www.fabchannel.com/

  4. ekko said,

    congrats on your nomination. i have to admit i’m a little jealous. i always seem to be the bastard of blogging–nobody likes me. sniff. sniff. (violins play).

  5. rgsc said,

    Well, Ekko, the blogging community and I were planning to honour you in a blacktie gala event featuring testimonials by the blogging elite who would sing your praises and there would, of course, have been musical performances by all your favourite bands. But since you seem so disheartened I will just go ahead and make the presentation myself now:

    To Ekko from Berkeley Place, I hereby present to you the first triennial "B(oot)log Award for Blogging Excellence" in the "Information Rights and Literary Category" for your fearless blogging in the Face of RIAA fascism and for your tireless devotion to the alphabet in your encyclopedic A-Z posts. Congratulations and we wish you many litigation-free blogging days to come.

    Mike – Stars aren't tearing up the airwaves or anything but I think they are quietly making themselves know what with the BSS connection, the Montreal connection and the awesomeness and everything. I have the feeling that their "star" is really on the rise (feel free to groan at the awfulness of the pun) particularly since Amy Millan's album is about to take the world by storm. Interesting to note (if you don't know already): Torquil Campbel is also in the band Memphis. I recently picked up their album – haven't quite digested it yet but certainly worth a listen. It looks like they have another out soon, as well. I've seen Stars live a few times and can tell you that they put on a good show. Lot's of passion. Which brings me to:

    Eatsanapple: You're welcome and thanks for the boot – I am definitely looking forward to the TMSR. I saw them just before their European tour and they were fantastic. I taped most of the show and will share it here when i get my shit together. I flew into Amsterdam THE DAY AFTER that fabchannel show last year. I felt like punching myself for not getting a plane ticket I could change. I briefly considered taking a detour to Milan to see them on their next date of the tour but then thought the expense and time spent doing so would be a bit silly given that they tour canada all the time. I have mp3s of the fabchannel and will post those sometime, too.

    And Shane: You are welcome and again thankyou – I have been getting a crazy amount of traffic coming my way from The Torture Garden so your links/mentions are much appreciated.

  6. Katherine said,

    For anyone who wants it, both the RTV performance (a really crappy quality copy) and the FabChannel Amsterdam show are available on soulseek. I don’t know how many people have them by now, but if you can’t find them, you can search my files (kmb187). I’m not on often, but if someone needs/wants them, I can stay connected. Happy… Stars-ing?

  7. selsine said,

    Hey Rod congrats on the nomination!

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