May 21, 2006

The Meligrove Band, Kingston, 17 May 2006/CBC3 In-studio, 23 Jan 2006

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On Wednesday The Meligrove Band played to a pretty full crowd at the Grad Club which is nice to see on a weeknight. But, being the middle of the week, they started rather early and even though i was there only 40 minutes after the doors opened I missed the better part of the Melingrove Band's short set (they were the first of three bands). What I did see included three energetic rock songs populated by urgent vocals, crashing cymbals, and driving guitar lines. Good stuff all around. Hopefully they will roll through town again soon, preferably as headliners.

Since I only have three songs I will flesh out this post with the band's CBCRadio 3 studio session from January (which I am pretty sure I got from i{heart}music – thanks matthew).

My recording was made using an analogue recorder from the audience and the quality reflects that. It is listenable, in my opinion, but I admit it is far from perfect. Just so you know – you can make up your own mind about what you think of it.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic May 2-4. Really, is there a better way to celebrate a monarch than by getting hammered out in the woods somewhere? I certainly don't know of one.

The Meligrove Band, Grad Club, Kingston, 17 May 2006

1) Everyone's A Winner.mp3 (3.35 MB)
2) Our Love Will Make the World Go Round.mp3 (3.12 MB)
3) Where Eagles Dare.mp3 (2.53 MB)

The Meligrove Band, CBC Radio 3, In Session at Studio 211, Toronto, 23 Jan 2006

1) Kingfisher Society.mp3 (2.15 MB)
2) Feel It In My Body.mp3 (2.67 MB)
3) Have I Forgotten How To Fight?.mp3 (3.47 MB)
4) Where Eagles Dare.mp3 (2.23 MB)
5) Planets Conspire.mp3 (3.34 MB)
6) Everyone's a Winner.mp3 (3.17 MB)
7) Our Love.mp3 (2.86 MB)

Visit the Band's site for a bunch of tracks off their albums and to buy their stuff.


  1. Chris said,

    Wow…The first the Islands and now Meligroves…awesome!!!

  2. Cy said,

    Yay for Meligrove! I love these guys.They are super nice and laid back. : )

  3. matthew said,

    I missed them when they came to Ottawa a few months ago, even though I had tickets. Both the album and the CBC sessions really make me wish I hadn’t. 😦

  4. rgsc said,

    I’m glad people are diggin’ the Melingrove Band. From what I saw they put on a good show…i just wish i would have caught the first half as well. It’s strange, their are headlining in Toronto and other places but are the first openers for a couple of “punk” bands. Strange. Anyway hopefully I will catch them the next time through.

  5. ben said,

    Thanks for posting these tracks! They are incredibly good!

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