May 7, 2006

The Go! Team, World Cafe, NPR, 26 April 2006

Posted in mp3, radio session at 10:51 am by rgsc

If you are looking for a soundtrack for your sunny spring Sunday you could do a lot worse than selecting The Go! Team. This energetic bunch of Brits make superfun music that may cause you to bob your head, to walk down the street a little more jauntily, or may even make you start dancing in your living room. The have a horn section (ok, they sample a horn section), they have handclaps, they have an MC called Ninja. What more could you ask for? I can only imagine that they put on a killer show and for a little taste of what they sound like live, here is a studio session from their recent visit to NPR's World Cafe.

The Go! Team, World Cafe, NPR, 26 April 2006
1) intro.mp3 (0.6 MB)
2) Junior Kickstart.mp3 (3.8 MB)
3) Interview 1.mp3 (3.46 MB)
4) Huddle Formation.mp3 (2.95 MB)
5) Interview 2.mp3 (1.38 MB)
6) Wrath of Mikey.mp3 (3.43 MB)
7) Interview 3.mp3 (1.54 MB)
8) Ladyflash.mp3 (5.98 MB)
9) outro.mp3 (0.4 MB)

Support NPR – get The Go! Team's record. It's win-win!


  1. Sean said,

    Great post! I can’t believe how quickly you get these things up here! Thanks.

  2. modestmouse said,

    this band is really great, and that’s so true that you start dancing in yourliving room with your earphones on..
    you can get a video of their performance for the kcrw radio station, for the morning becomes eclectic of nick harcourt.

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