April 23, 2006

Final Fantasy, Gradclub, Kingston, 11 April 2006

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Owen Pallett graced Kingston’s smallest (but best) stage earlier this month. It was my first time seeing Final Fantasy and, even after hearing wonderful things about the live show, my expectations were exceeded. Seeing Pallett onstage alone but being able to accompany himself with ingenious and extraordinarily precise use of looping pedals is something to behold. That man can coax an unbelievable variety of sounds out of his violin – from classical bowing, to plucking, scratching and even by screaming into it. He was quite personable and chatted with the crowd, asking what songs they wanted to hear and telling little stories. Perhaps my favourite is his explanation about the title “He Poos Clouds” which involves him impersonating a woman with a southern accent and big hair describing how wonderful someone is. He played about an equal number of songs off his new album and “Has a Good Home” as well as previewing a couple of unfinished songs, one of which, he said, he had never performed live before.

Because I am sometimes shockingly inept as a bootlegger, and I left the extra tape I had all ready on my table at home, I only had enough tape with me to record the first part of the set. So I humbly present to you the what I have and regret not being able to share the rest of the really great show. At any rate, with the exception of a hiss/buzz that I can’t get rid of I think the sound is pretty good so you should really enjoy these tracks.

Much better bloggers than I interviewed Owen and I highly recommend you go to Mocking Music and You Ain’t No Picasso to read those interviews and if you are interested in winning yourself a copy of “He Poos Clouds” (and why wouldn’t you be? it’s pretty fantastic) check out I{heart}Music for a review and contest.

If you don’t win you can, and should, buy the two Final Fantasy albums through Sonic Unyon (scroll to #13 and #19 for FF)

Final Fantasy, Gradclub, Kingston, 11 April 2006

1) Intro.mp3 (2.43 MB)
2) That’s When the Audience Died.mp3 (7.54 MB)
3) This Lamb Sells Condos.mp3 (9.4 MB)
4) Wyrd Visions and Grizzly Bear talk.mp3 (2.39 MB)
5) The CN Tower Belongs to the Dead.mp3 (5.76 MB)
6) Hey Dad intro.mp3 (2.32 MB)
7) Hey Dad.mp3 (6.52 MB)
8) Many Lives – > 49mp.mp3 (5.2 MB)
9) “Banger” songs talk.mp3 (2.8 MB)
10) New, Unfinished song (no title given).mp3 (5.28 MB)
11) This Dream of Win and Regine.mp3 (6.56 MB)
12) He Poos Clouds talk.mp3 (2.6 MB)



  1. […] Holy moly!  If you’re like us and missed Owen Pallett’s most recent set at the Grad Club, fear not:  Bootlog has got you covered.  Ignore the post’s agonizing over sound quality; it sounds beautiful.  Plus, it’s chock-a-block filled with material from Final Fantasy’s cringe-inducingly titled new album, He Poos Clouds. […]

  2. Angela said,

    Hi! I still haven’t had the chance to see FF live, so this is the next best thing. The sound quality is great. Thank you so much!

  3. rgsc said,

    Hi Angela, you are most welcome. Seeing FF live is something else – the way Owen constructs the songs piece by piece onstage and pulls it all together is amazing. Highly, highly recommended.

    I’m a bit gunshy about quality so i try to be very upfront about any/all shortcomings (sometimes the recordings i make are less than stellar but I think they are still listenable). This is the first show I taped with my fancy new mic so hopefully it is a sign of good things to come.

    Thanks for leaving a comment

  4. scott clayton said,

    Hey rgsc,

    You might be able to use “Audactity” for noise cancellation. It’s an open-source sound editing program. You just need a section of just the hissing (no talking/music/etc.) and it should figure out which frequencies to cancel out. It MAY backfire on you and cancel some notes, but it might not.


  5. rgsc said,

    Thanks very much for the recommendation, Scott. I have been looking for a decent (and free) program for a while. I am downloading it now and will play around with it. cheers, r

  6. walter said,

    Hi both,
    I was yesterday (May 02,2006) on the last performance of Final Fantasy in Rennes-Antipode, France.
    It was a great performance and the audience was fascinated.
    Just one regret: not be abble to recording this show
    So thanks a lot for this live
    sorry for my frenchy english

  7. myst said,

    thank you

  8. schmod said,

    I took a stab at it with Audacity, and the results are pretty good using the built in noise filter.

    If you want me to take a stab at fixing it, pass the original recording onto me, and I’ll take a stab at it — I don’t want to recompress the MP3s for obvious reasons. The whole thing also needs to be EQ’d, but that’s sort of to be expected from a bootleg.

    But still, the quality is AMAZING even with the hisses…

  9. modestmouse said,

    saw him last year, he was performing just before arcade fire, and that was really a great night…

  10. […] that is the only way to describe seeing Final Fantasy perform live. The last time I saw Final Fantasy was a few days prior to the release of “He Poos Clouds” which […]

  11. DH said,

    it’s funny reading this in 2012 knowing how big Grizzly Bear’s become. usually it’s O.P. opening for them now. this was a great show & my first encounter with Griz. I was the (somewhat drunk) guy that asked Owen mid-show what the name of his new album was, which led to his explanation. glad you enjoyed it!

  12. Petter said,

    now the links don’t seem to work. I would love to hear this performance! Relink possible?

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