April 15, 2006

Josh Ritter, Live at the Grad Club, Kingston, 3 February 2005/Live on MPR, 30 January 2006

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Photo from Boston, Oct. 17, 2005 by Mike Ritter via The Josh Ritter Fansite.

I wasn't sure what I was going to post for you this week but when I saw that all the cool kids are writing about Josh Ritter I figured that I should join the party.

Josh Ritter stopped by the Grad Club in Kingston a little over a year ago (he was here at the beginning of the month, too, but I missed him this time around). I had seen him a few months before when he opened for Sarah Harmer and was duly impressed. However, I must admit that I actually went to this show to see the opening act – the lovely Jill Barber who I introduced you to last week. As a result I recorded her set in its entirety and just caught the first three songs of the main attraction. Which is somewhat sad because he put on a great show and I curse my unpreparedness.

Singing quite softly he held the attention of the rapt crowd. He was very personable and exuded a nervous authenticity – very down to earth and genuine. To give you a sense of what I mean by this I included a bit of banter where Josh describes cliff diving in Idaho. This is just a bit of the story but I think it is pretty funny. He played a full set, with a number of songs from his then-unreleased album The Animal Years and the encore was stellar – Jill returned to the stage to sing a duet. They performed her song "Two Brown Eyes". Great stuff.

I think the quality of the tracks I taped is pretty good, although there is an underlying hiss.

And because three songs is something of a tease, I am also going to share his instudio performance from Minnesota Public Radio's The Current, which took place at the end of January this year.

I hope the easter bunny was good to everyone this year.


Josh Ritter, The Grad Club, Kingston, 3 February 2005

1) Girl in the War.mp3 (6.77 MB)
2) Bright Smile.mp3 (5.6 MB)
3) Roll On.mp3 (5.64 MB)
4) On being "rednecked out" talk.mp3 (1.95 MB)

Josh Ritter, Live on MPR: The Current, 30 January 2006

1) Girl in the War.mp3 (3.68 MB)
2) New album & influences talk.mp3 (4.74 MB)
3) Wolves.mp3 (2.04 MB)
4) Idaho, Boston & Ireland talk.mp3 (4.06 MB)
5) Snow is Gone.mp3 (3.09 MB)

Josh Ritter albums and t-shirts make great Easter gifts. Personally, I wouldn't say no if someone wanted to get me the hoody…just thought I'd throw that out there…



  1. Kevin said,

    The easter bunny was great to me he dropped off wonderfull Josh Ritter goodies for me to download. Thanks very much!

  2. Kevin said,

    Just wanted to let you know that the dialouge tracks #2 and #4 from the MPR show are not downloading.

  3. rgsc said,

    Hey Kevin – you are very welcome and thanks for the heads up. I just tried to download MPR 2 and 4 and they seemed to work. If you are using a download manager sometimes they don’t like the * in the file names. Let me know if you are still having a problem with it.

  4. brian said,

    This is wonderful! I love Ritter, his new album is fantastic. Thanks for the tracks.

  5. Per said,

    Greetings from Oslo, Norway. Josh Ritter is now on tour in Europe and I really enjoyed his gig here in Oslo a few days ago (posting on my blog May 29t). Josh Ritter has a presence on stage that is unique. He’s real, funny and he loves every minute at stage. I had a great night! Thanks for sharing the MP3’s!

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